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GoldMine synchronizing - End User perspective

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April 6, 2004


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Version 5.5 Build 4
How does GoldMine synchronize documents with QuoteWerks?

By Chris Green of Teranex.

An End-User's perspective of the QuoteWerks quote synchronization through GoldMine...................

OK here is how it works,

If you are a workstation user of Goldmine, meaning not a standalone
or undocked, then the file that you are linking will need to be located on
the server to be sent to laptop users.

A workstation user of goldmine and a nsetup.exe installed version of
quotewerks(Workstation) creates a quote. Since the goldmine database is
really the master database anyway, the link is put into the "Links" section
of the lower tabs in the contact record. The link is just that it, does not
"Copy" the file, just creates a path to the file on the users workstation
machine. In this case the quotewerks is a network install as well as
Goldmine, so the quote file (.DTF) is created on the server as well in the
q:\quotewerks\dtf folder. I select the network drive share letter "Q"
because quotewerks starts with a "Q" no other reason.
Now the link is created and the file is created. The link tells
goldmine that the file is located on Q:\quotewerks\dtf\xxxx0000.dtf. great!
Now a laptop users comes along and wants to sync and get the latest
quotes that are out there. Here is the process:

1. the laptop user makes the connection to goldmine master server.

2. Goldmine goes through all of the contact fields looking for
updated material since the last time this guy synced.

3. Goldmine finds that a link has been created and then tries to
find the file that the link is pointing to. This is where it is important to
have an exact same directory structure as the workstation users. I.E. if the
users have be installed from the q:\quotewerks directory then the server
will need to have a q:\quotewerks directory on it as well. I simply mapped
the drive letter q: to the shared folder quotewerks. The qoutewerks book is
blurry on this, not much detail is put into the description. A scenario
would be good here. Now the server when it goes looking for the linked file
in "q:\quotewerks\dtf" locally it will find it locally. If found grabs a
copy of the linked document and packages all of this into a encrypted
compressed file and send it to the laptop user.

4. Now, Since the link created was pointing to the network share
"q:\quotewerks\dtf" Goldmine needs some way to change the file location in
the link as well as the actual location of the file. Enter the
Edit-Preference-Sync tabs. From here you can dictate what the files and the
links attributes are changed to. The "Default path of retrieved Linked
Documents" box is where (on the Laptops) you will need to adjust the
location of where the files will go and what the links will be changed to. I
used "c:\quotewerks\dtf" on all of the laptops and all seems to be working
well. Now all of the documents that are copied to the laptops will be stored
and the links will reflect "c:\quotewerks\dtf".

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