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GoldMine 5.5 - Vspell32.ocx issue with Win 2000

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April 6, 2004


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Version 23.0 Build 1
On a Windows 2000 machine, after installing GoldMine 5.5 and QuoteWerks 3.0, you will recieve a "Runtime error 429: You do not have an appropriate licence to use this functionality" or a "Run Time Error 339: VSPELL32.OCX not correctly registered - a file is missing or invalid" or "Cannot locate vspell32.ocx" message when starting QuoteWerks 3.0

QuoteWerks 3.0 and GoldMine 5.5 use the same spell checking ocx control. GoldMine 5.5 is shipping an older version (ver 2.0 , QuoteWerks ships ver 2.1) of the spell checking ocx control vspell32.ocx and it is saving it in the GoldMine directory instead of the \windows\system32 directory. The two different versions of this file is the cause of the issue. The vspell32.ocx file is paired with a vspell32.dll file.

To correct this issue:

1) Make a backup of the VSPELL32.OCX and VSPELL32.DLL files found within the Goldmine installation directory.

2) Copy the c:\windows\system\vspell32.* files into the GoldMine directory overwriting the older versions of the vspell32.* files. If you are running Windows NT/2000, the files will be c:\winnt\system32\vspell32.*

3) Then from the windows start menu, choose run and type:
regsvr32 "c:\program files\goldmine\vspell32.dll" {ENTER} (where c:\goldmine is your goldmine installation path

4) Then from the Windows Start menu, choose Run and type:
regsvr32 "c:\program files\goldmine\vspell32.ocx" {ENTER} (where c:\goldmine is your goldmine installation path

5) Re-Run the QuoteWerks node installation NSETUP.EXE file located within the ..\QuoteWerks directory.

The above procedures should take care of the issue.

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