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Email - Error Codes

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July 3, 2008


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 5.5 Build 4
I received an error while trying to e-mail a document, what does the error mean?

This is a listing of the Error Codes when emailing from QuoteWerks:

26301 ERROR_MIME_LICENSE Product is not licensed for use on this system
26302 ERROR_MIME_NOHANDLES No handles available to this process
26303 ERROR_MIME_NOTOWNER Invalid handle passed to function
26304 ERROR_MIME_HANDLE Invalid handle passed to function
26305 ERROR_MIME_MEMORY Memory allocation failed
26306 ERROR_MIME_PARAMETER Invalid parameter passed to function
26307 ERROR_MIME_CREATE Unable to create message
26308 ERROR_MIME_HEADER Invalid message header
26309 ERROR_MIME_PART Invalid message part
26310 ERROR_MIME_PARSE Unable to parse message data
26311 ERROR_MIME_IMPORT Unable to import message from specified file
26312 ERROR_MIME_EXPORT Unable to export message to specified file
26313 ERROR_MIME_BOUNDARY Invalid multi-part boundary in message
26314 ERROR_MIME_ATTACH Unable to attach specified file
26315 ERROR_MIME_ENCODE Unable to encode specified attachment
26316 ERROR_MIME_DECODE Unable to decode specified attachment
26317 ERROR_MIME_BADFILE Invalid filename specified
26318 ERROR_MIME_CLIPBOARD Unable to access system clipboard
26319 ERROR_MIME_DIGEST Invalid or missing MD5 digest for message part

27101 ERROR_SMTP_NETWORK Network subsystem failed to initialize
27102 ERROR_SMTP_LICENSE Product is not licensed for use on this system
27103 ERROR_SMTP_NOHANDLES No handles available to this process
27104 ERROR_SMTP_NOTOWNER Invalid handle passed to function
27105 ERROR_SMTP_HANDLE Invalid handle passed to function
27106 ERROR_SMTP_MEMORY Memory allocation failed
27107 ERROR_SMTP_PARAMETER Invalid parameter passed to function
27108 ERROR_SMTP_HOSTNAME Invalid host name specified
27109 ERROR_SMTP_SOCKET Invalid socket descriptor passed to function
27110 ERROR_SMTP_CONNECT Unable to establish connection with server
27111 ERROR_SMTP_TIMEOUT Operation timed out waiting for response from server
27112 ERROR_SMTP_SERVER Invalid response from server
27113 ERROR_SMTP_READ Failed to read data from server
27114 ERROR_SMTP_WRITE Failed to write data to server
27115 ERROR_SMTP_RETRY Operation should be retried
27116 ERROR_SMTP_OVERFLOW Internal buffer overflow
27117 ERROR_SMTP_CLOSED Connection to server is closed
27118 ERROR_SMTP_BLOCKED Blocking operation in progress
27119 ERROR_SMTP_CANCELED Operation canceled by client
27120 ERROR_SMTP_ADDRESS No return address specified
27121 ERROR_SMTP_RECIPIENT No valid recipients specified
27122 ERROR_SMTP_DATA Remote host receiving message data
27123 ERROR_SMTP_NODATA No message message data received
27124 ERROR_SMTP_FORMAT Invalid address format specified
27125 ERROR_SMTP_FILENAME Invalid file name specified
27126 ERROR_SMTP_FILETYPE Invalid file type specified
27127 ERROR_SMTP_CLIPBOARD Unable to access system clipboard
27128 ERROR_SMTP_NOSUPPORT Server does not support extended commands
27129 ERROR_SMTP_UNAVAILABLE Server not available at this time
27130 ERROR_SMTP_ABORTED Command aborted by server
27131 ERROR_SMTP_STORAGE Insufficient storage space for message
27132 ERROR_SMTP_COMMAND Invalid or unrecognized command
27133 ERROR_SMTP_SEQUENCE Invalid command sequence
27134 ERROR_SMTP_MAILBOX Mailbox is invalid or unavailable
27135 ERROR_SMTP_NORELAY Server will not relay messages
27136 ERROR_SMTP_FAILED Server transaction failed
27137 ERROR_SMTP_UNEXPECTED Unexpected result code returned by server
27138 ERROR_SMTP_OPTION Server does not support this option
27139 ERROR_SMTP_AUTHREQUIRED User authentication is required
27140 ERROR_SMTP_AUTHFAILED User authentication failed

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