QuoteWerks Interim Release Update Page

Your QuoteWerks Update Maintenance Program must be current to install this interim release. After downloading the update, when you start the installation program, it will ask you for a Serialized Update Key. For details on obtaining your Serialized Update Key, please review our Update Maintenance Program.

Download QuoteWerks 5.4 Build 6.01

This installation is an INTERIM RELEASE of QuoteWerks.

Click here to see the complete list of revisions in the most recent interim.

After this interim release has been installed, a serialized update key that entitles you to the production release of QuoteWerks will be required to update this interim release to the production release when the production release is available. Be advised that you may have to purchase said serialized update key if you do not have a serialized update key that entitles you to the production release.

If you have any questions, contact QuoteWerks Sales at 1-407-248-1481.

Please send all problem reports and feedback regarding this interim release to: support@quotewerks.com

Overview of Interim Release Concept

As we make changes to QuoteWerks, we release these changes every couple of months as a new build number. A new, full build is typically released every 2 to 4 months. We sometimes make our "in-between" builds available before an official build release.

When we make an interim release available, it is free of any known bugs. We usually release an interim release to customers that need a fix that is in the interim release, or to customers that need the new features in the new interim release.  We announce the availability of an interim release and ask for companies to field test the Interim Release as an added quality control measure before releasing it as a production build.

When installing and using an interim release, please keep in mind that while we are not aware of any issues with the interim release, there is a higher probability of finding an issue in an interim release than in a production release.

Using an interim release may (not always) require an investment of time related to reporting and resolving issues. We expect companies that receive an interim release to be helpful and patient.

Good candidates for receiving interim releases are companies with computer support personnel on staff that can install software, copy files, edit INI files, etc without any external assistance.

Interim Release Installation Notes

  • Note, since an interim release is designed to be used for a limited time period until the production build is released, QuoteWerks will notify you that you are running an interim release build every time you start it.  This message cannot be turned off.  You will need to wait until the production release is released and then install it to make the message disappear.
  • After you have downloaded it, start the installation program and install QuoteWerks into the same directory that your existing QuoteWerks installation is in.
  • All of your data and licensing will be preserved.
  • After you install this build, to confirm that this build has been successfully installed, select the Help|About menu in QuoteWerks. On this window, the build number should match the build number that you just installed.
    Please note: No-one can be running QuoteWerks when you install the update.
  • If you have installed QuoteWerks on a network workstation, you will also need to re-run the node installation (\QuoteWerks\nsetup.exe) for each additional workstation that uses QuoteWerks on your network. Running the node installation is very easy to do. It does not ask you for any information, and it does not affect any of your settings.
  • If you install the newest build into your existing QuoteWerks directory, you do not need new registration codes. You will only need new registration codes after installing a new build update if you installed it into a brand new directory by accident.