GDPR: QuoteWerks, Related Products, and offerings

Aspire Technologies, Inc. has taken steps to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") compliance, which is effective as of May 25, 2018.

We recognize that the personal data of our customers and customers' customers are important to keep secure. The steps we have taken to protect this data include but are not limited to:

  • QuoteWerks Database Hosting Services, QuoteValet, VendorRFQ, ClarityWerks, and QuoteWerks Web offerings are provided using established and industry-leading cloud services platforms. These providers have stated their commitment to compliance with GDPR.
  • Aspire Technologies, Inc. maintains and administers a security policy with physical, technical, and administrative safeguards designed to protect the security, integrity and confidentiality of customer data. Providing details of the inner workings of our security process to entities outside of our organization would be a security risk that is not permitted by our security policy.

Hosted solutions provided by Aspire Technologies Inc. may be used by customers for but not limited to, the collection, processing, and storage of personal data. In such cases, Aspire Technologies, Inc. acts as a data processor. Customers generally act as the data controller deciding what data to collect, how long it is stored, and how it is used.

Database Hosting Services are hosted via Cloud Services Provider AWS or Cloud Services Provider Azure.

QuoteWerks Web, QuoteValet, VendorRFQ, and ClarityWerks hosted offerings are provided via Cloud Services Provider Azure.

Read the Amazon (AWS) GDRP Statement.

Read the Microsoft Azure GDPR Statement.

QuoteWerks Desktop is an installed application. In most cases, the QuoteWerks data will be retained in the customer's on-premise IT Infrastructure unless the customer has chosen other hosting options or using QuoteWerks Database Hosting Services. If not using Database Hosting Services, the customer acts as both the controller and processor for QuoteWerks Desktop.

Aspire Technologies, Inc. recommends that each company perform their own GDPR gap assessment since each business is unique and implements QuoteWerks differently in their respective environments.

For additional information about the GDPR, we recommend visiting the European Union's GDPR home page

Please be advised that Aspire Technologies, Inc. is not your attorney, and this information is not legal advice. This information does not provide, does not constitute, and should not be construed as, legal advice. The information provided was accurate at the time of publishing, but may not be all encompassing. It is for educational purposes only and is not to be acted or relied upon as legal advice. The information does not constitute legal advice and is not a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed attorney representing you in your jurisdiction.

Key GDPR Provisions and how they relate to QuoteWerks and QuoteValet

As QuoteWerks user, you have direct control over the Right to be forgotten, Right to portability, and Right to rectification provisions as outlined in the GDPR.

  1. Right to be forgotten
    QuoteWerks and QuoteValet have functionality that enables you to delete customer data permanently.

    In QuoteWerks, you have the ability to delete any quote for any customer. When you delete the quote you delete all information about the customer. Before deleting the quote, you should first view all associated documents to ensure that information is also removed. If you utilize QuoteValet, before deleting the document, please review how to delete information from QuoteValet.

    To delete all information about a QuoteValet document, log into QuoteWerks as a user with Master rights. Then, open the document in QuoteWerks and Navigate to the QuoteValet Tab and press the Delete from QuoteValet button. Please note that this is a permanent action and cannot be undone.
  2. Right to portability
    With QuoteWerks there are several ways to have access to your data. You maintain control and access to your QuoteWerks database, thus enabling you to move and copy data freely from either the Microsoft SQL or Access database(s). From within QuoteWerks you also have access to built-in reporting and export functionality. For details on these methods, please contact QuoteWerks Technical Support with a specific question on the data that you would like to export.

    To Download information about an accepted Quote on QuoteValet, log into QuoteWerks as a user with Master rights. Then, open the document in QuoteWerks and Navigate to the QuoteValet Tab and press the Retrieve Acceptance Package Button.
  3. Right to rectification
    From within QuoteWerks, you can modify any document to rectify any errors. If the document is locked or the user is restricted from modifying the document, a user with master rights may need to modify the document.

    The document must first be updated in QuoteWerks first. Then you can re-upload the document to QuoteValet and the changes made in QuoteWerks will be observed on QuoteValet.

If you have specific questions about GDPR not addressed by this page, you can contact us at support@quotewerks.com.