The QuoteWerks Configurator

Simplify the Quoting Process

  • Configurator - Basic
    Demonstrates the different types of configurations in QuoteWerks and how to setup and use them.
  • Configurator - Intermediate
    This video builds upon the Configurator Basics video including setting the quantity for your item, the sort code, line type, and item attributes.
  • Configurator - Advanced
    This video builds upon the basic Configurator Basics video adding advanced features such as when to use product, navigation, and default branches..

The QuoteWerks configurator simplifies building a quote by presenting the sales rep with a list of products to choose from step-by-step. The list of products displayed at each step will be based on the previous selection.

The lists of products and number of steps are specified when the configuration is setup. One of the main advantages of using the configurator is that once it has been setup, the sales rep can very easily pick products from the lists presented to them, ensuring that the sales rep will not forget to add products they should. Thus, reducing training costs and mistakes.

The configurator will take you through a step-by-step process, letting you select products from a list of choices at each step. For example, if you sell stereo systems, the configurator could be used to present the user with the following choices at each step:

Step 1: Choose from a list of receivers.
Step 2: Choose from a list of CD Players.
Step 3: Choose from a list of speakers.
Step 4: Choose from a list of cables.
Step 5: Choose from a list of installation options.
Step 6: Choose from a list of extended warranties.

An example of a QuoteWerks Configuration Step.

The QuoteWerks Configurator is designed using an easy to use flow chart interface.  The flowchart can even be printed!