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Sold to / Ship to Tab

Under the Sold to / Ship to tab in the Quote Workbook, you can search for and add contact information to your quote:

This tab contains Sold to, Ship to, and Bill to quote information. This information can be retrieved from your contact management software.

Note:If you don’t have a need for the Bill to fields, you can set them to be hidden under Tools -> Options menu > Installation tab.

Retrieving Current Contact from your Contact Manager

Clicking the icon above the Sold to, Ship to, or Bill to fields will retrieve the currently active contact open in most contact managers.

Note:This feature is not supported by all contact managers.

Searching for a Contact in your Contact Manager

Clicking the icon will allow you to search your contact manager for a contact.

Copying Contact Information between Sections

Clicking the icon will enable you to copy contact information from one of the other sections. Clicking the icon will clear all data from the corresponding contact fields.

Creating a Contact in your CRM from the Sold to / Ship to Tab

If you use QuoteWerks, Autotask, ConnectWise, HubSpot CRM, KaseyaBMS, MS CRM, , or Zoho CRM as your CRM/contact database and enter customer contact information manually under the Sold to / Ship to tab, you can use the icon to create that contact's company record inside your CRM:

Keep in mind that for this feature to be enabled:

the Sold to section can't already be populated with a contact you retrieved from your CRM

the Company and Contact fields must both be populated


There's also an Access Right called CannotCreateCRMContact you can set if you don't want specific users to be able to use this feature.

Viewing a Contact or Company in your CRM

If you have a contact from your CRM currently pulled into the Sold to / Ship to tab, the icons will light up. Use these icons to open that contact or account inside your CRM.


Profile Field

The Profile drop-down box under Sold to allows you to select the price profile to associate with this contact for this quote. This customer profile is used by QuoteWerks to determine the appropriate customer-based pricing for the customer. Some of the pricing methods that QuoteWerks supports, such as customer-based price levels and customer/product-based pricing use this profile field. When products have been set up to use these pricing methods or when products are added to the quote, the customer profile listed here will affect the pricing. See Creating and Maintaining Products and Services Databases for more information on product-pricing methods.

You can configure QuoteWerks to automatically pull the customer profile from a field in your contact manager using our DataLink feature. With DataLink, you can store the customer profile with the customer record in your contact manager, ensuring the correct customer profile will be used every time you quote this customer.

To set up DataLink, select the Contacts -> Setup Contact Manager menu, then click DataLink Setup. See Contact Management Integration for details.


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