CHAPTER 4: The Quote Workbook

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CHAPTER 4: The Quote Workbook

You’ll spend most of your time in QuoteWerks within the Quote Workbook, which is composed of six tabs. This is where you’ll build your quotes.

Tip:You can have up to five Quote Workbooks open at the same time. You can cycle through them by holding down the [CTRL] key on your keyboard and pressing the [TAB] key repeatedly

You can customize the names of the Quote Workbook tabs by holding down the [CTRL] key on your keyboard and double-clicking the tab name. In fact, you can customize most QuoteWerks fields this way.

After you’ve customized your tab names, you can view the original tab names under the Tools -> My Preferences menu > Views tab.

Users are also able to use the shortcut CTRL+` to switch between tabs.

Important:   Only users with Master Rights can customize tab names.


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