Adding Products/Services to a Quote

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Adding Products/Services to a Quote

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Adding a Product/Service

Items can be added to the document in multiple ways ways, including:

On the fly: Manually type items into the DocumentItems tab

Quick Lookup: Lookup item based on part number or description and add it to the quote without having to search.

Copying from Excel sheet: Use the Paste Special Wizard to copy and paste items from vendor quotes into your QuoteWerks document.

Adding Items from Products/Services Database: Search and select items to use in a document from setup and created item databases.

Using Templates: Create Template documents pre-loaded with products and services and specific formatting options.


The most common way to add an item is from a Product/Service Database.  To search for items in a database, click on the [Products] button on the main toolbar:

This will display the Product Lookup window, which includes the Etilize Sourcing panel. The default database called "Our Products" will be open. This database contains some sample audio/visual products.

Click on a product in the list and click on the [Select/Add] button to add the product to your quote.

You can find an item to add to the quote by:

Looking through a list of folders that your items are organized in

Typing in information such partial part numbers and partial descriptions to find a match

Sorting "on the fly," and then scrolling through the list


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Bundles: Create a group or kit of products/services that are bundled together.

Configurations: The Configurator simplifies building a quote by presenting the user with a list of products to choose from, step by step.

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