Integrating D&H Products

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Integrating D&H Products


D&H sells hundreds of thousands of products. Of course, it's a challenge getting access to all these products and prices to be able to put them into a quote.


D&H doesn't provide any type of cloud-searchable product and pricing look-up system that 3rd party apps or websites can use. Which means the 3rd party would typically have to import product and pricing lists daily.

Solution: Product Content Subscription + Real-time Pricing & Availability

QuoteWerks introduced its Product Content Subscription, which removes the need to import D&H products into QuoteWerks. Instead, QuoteWerks queries the cloud-based QuoteWerks Product Content server and returns a list of the D&H products. Each product includes the D&H part number, manufacturer, manufacturer part number, picture,  and customer-friendly marketing description. Once you have access to the list of D&H products in QuoteWerks, you can then use the Real-time feature to get real-time prices and warehouse availability for those products.

Important:   We strongly recommend that you do not import D&H price files. However, if you'd rather import D&H product information, you can do so.


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