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Version 24 (Build 1.04) 
December 12, 2023


Tip:For a step-by-step video tutorial on setting up the QuickBooks Desktop Integration, watch the Setting Up the QuickBooks Desktop integration video.
Note:QuickBooks must be running, and a QuickBooks company file must be open in QuickBooks when performing the QuickBooks Desktop Integration setup and when exporting the documents.

To set up the QuickBooks link, you can enter the setup window by selecting either the:

Tools -> Options menu > Accounting tab, then clicking on the [Setup Link] button.

Tools -> Export to QuickBooks menu, then clicking on the [Setup] button.


Note:The first time QuoteWerks communicates with QuickBooks, QuickBooks will ask you if you want to grant QuoteWerks access to QuickBooks. For more information, see Establish or Re-establish Connection to QuickBooks Desktop.

The QuickBooks Setup window is shown below:

For information on the Setup window's tabs, see:

Transaction Tab

Sales Tax Tab (USA)

Tax Codes Tab (Canada)

VAT Tax Tab (UK)

Mappings Tab

Defaults Tab

Items Tab


Note:QuoteWerks support services does not provide any technical support for the setup of QuickBooks. If you have just purchased QuickBooks recently, it is recommended that you setup QuickBooks based on your accounting needs and become familiar with using QuickBooks for a couple of months before you start using the QuoteWerks link to QuickBooks. Another important note is that technical support for the QuoteWerks QuickBooks link is only available for users of the current version of QuickBooks. It is not possible for our technicians to support the link for all previous versions of QuickBooks.

Things you need to know about the QuickBooks Desktop Integration:

The QuickBooks Desktop integration works with USA versions of QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise 2005 and higher. It also works with the Canadian versions of QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise 2005 and higher. The Basic version of QuickBooks is not supported.

The QuickBooks Desktop integration also works with the UK versions of QuickBooks 2005 (and higher) Pro/Accountant however the UK division of Intuit (the makers of QuickBooks) does not provide support for their QuickBooks UK API to companies like Aspire Technologies (the makers of QuoteWerks) that write integrations into QuickBooks UK. What that means is that if Aspire runs into a problem integrating QuoteWerks with the UK version of QuickBooks, Aspire will not be able to receive assistance from Intuit on the issue. Because of this lack of support by Intuit we can offer the QuickBooks UK link, but only as-is. We cannot guarantee that any issues reported will be fixed in a timely fashion. The QuickBooks USA API and the QuickBooks Canada API on the other hand are supported by Intuit and therefore we can support issues that arise.

The link exports QuoteWerks documents to QuickBooks as Invoices, Estimates, or Sales Orders. It does not export documents to QuickBooks as pending invoices..

QuickBooks extended prices on invoices need to be exactly two decimal places and no more. Therefore, in QuoteWerks the extended price decimal places must also be set to exactly two.

QuickBooks calculates multiple subtotals and discounts/charges differently from QuoteWerks resulting in different calculations in certain situations. If you have a %charge or %discount line immediately below a subtotal line item, then any subtotal line items below this subtotal line item will have different totals in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks UK integration: Items can have one of several tax codes such as Standard, Exempt, Reduced, Not Registered, Zero Rated, etc. QuoteWerks supports only one Taxable code and one Non-Taxable tax code. QuickBooks UK uses tax codes, so you will need to specify in QuoteWerks which QuickBooks UK tax code to use for a Taxable item and which to use for a Non-Taxable item.

QuickBooks UK integration: In the Professional and Corporate Edition QuoteWerks will display the tax code for each QuickBooks item in the product lookup window, however, since QuoteWerks only supports one taxable and one non-taxable code, if a QuickBooks product uses a tax code not mapped to either the taxable or non-taxable code, then the tax code will default to non-taxable.

QuickBooks UK integration: QuickBooks UK supports a feature called “Amts Inc VAT” in which the price of a product already includes the VAT tax amount in it. QuoteWerks does not support products that use this feature.



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