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April 17, 2024

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CHAPTER 27: QuickBooks Accounting Integration

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QuoteWerks offers two integration links that enable you to export your QuoteWerks quotes, orders, invoices, and Purchase Orders to QuickBooks. These integrations are only available in the QuoteWerks Professional or Corporate Editions.  The QuickBooks Online integration requires a subscription.

The QuoteWerks links to QuickBooks were designed with the goal of making it easier to get your quoting information into your accounting software. To use QuoteWerks with QuickBooks, you need to first configure QuoteWerks with the particulars of how you setup your QuickBooks company file. The setup instructions assume that you are currently using QuickBooks and have already configured it to meet your business needs.

Selecting the Integration Method to Use

To begin using the QuickBooks link you will first need to choose the method you would like to use to link to QuickBooks.

Select the Tools -> Options menu, then select the Accounting tab:

The QuickBooks Integration includes two integration options:  
QuickBooks Desktop Integration
QuickBooks Online Integration

Once you have selected the integration method, choose the [Setup Link] button.

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