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April 17, 2024

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CHAPTER 14: Printing and Customizing Document Layouts

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QuoteWerks has many pre-defined quote, order, purchase order, sales order, and invoice print templates to be used when printing. These print templates can be customized using the visual layout designer.  Additionally, the printing engine creates a PDF file that is previewed, printed, emailed, etc within QuoteWerks and numbers the pages individually.

To print a document, open the document, and then select the File -> Print/E-mail/Deliver menu, or click on the icon on the icon toolbar to display the Print, Share, Publish, Deliver Document window.


The Print, Share, Publish, Deliver Document window includes five tabs, which are outlined in the following sub-topics:

Layout Tab

Cover Page Tab

Literature Tab

Spec Sheets Tab

Links Tab

From here, you can choose to:

Print the document

Preview the doument

E-mail the document

Send the document via QuoteValet

Save the document as a PDF

Submit the document for peer review

Set Access Rights for Cover Pages, Layouts, and Literature files

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