BNG Gateway

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BNG Gateway

Important:   Users will need to have an account with BNG Gateway in order to utilize any of the features listed in this topic.  Contact BNG Gateway for instructions on signing up for an account.

The BNG/ConnectBooster setup window is available by changing the drop-down menu to BNG/ConnectBooster or clicking on the BNG Payments icon when adding a new gateway.  

The API key is required and must be requested through BNG.  They have instructions available in order to use this integration. Contact your rep at BNG and ask them for the instructions to retrieve the API Key for QuoteValet.  

Once you receive the API key from BNG, users can specify which credit cards your account accepts, if you would like to accept ACH payments, and if you want to allow customers to securely save and recall their payment information with the customer vault (PCI compliant).  These features are specific to the account you setup with BNG and these checkboxes simply enable this functionality to work with QuoteValet.  For information on whether your account supports this functionality, please contact your BNG rep.

Click the [Save] button once you have completed the steps to save your settings.