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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024

This section takes you through using the HubSpot CRM Integration in QuoteWerks. This will show you how to pull HubSpot CRM customer records into sales quotes, create HubSpot CRM opportunities, and more.

Most of the features described in this topic's sub-topics require that you've already pulled the account/contact information into the Sold to / Ship to tab of the Quote Workbook.

Please click the following topics to learn more about writing information back to HubSpot CRM:

Pulling HubSpot CRM Account/Contact Information into QuoteWerks

HubSpot CRM Online/Offline Status

Creating/Updating HubSpot CRM Deals

Creating or Updating a Linked Document in HubSpot CRM

F2 Lookup Features

Including Additional Contact-Manager Fields when Printing


Note:Writing information to HubSpot CRM requires that you have access to HubSpot CRM. If you are running QuoteWerks, but do not have access to HubSpot CRM, you will not be able to write information back to HubSpot CRM.