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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024

When saving a document, the Create/Update Linked document checkbox will appear on the Save Quote As window.

Note:This checkbox will NOT appear if you are saving a quote template, and will be checked and disabled if the Look for synchronized data in dtf files option is set.

Linked documents must be attached to a HubSpot CRM deal, so if an deal does not already exist for this record, you'll need to also have the Create/Update Sales deal box selected.

When saving a quote, QuoteWerks automatically creates a link to the quote under the Attachments section of the HubSpot CRM deal:

You can even click on the attachment and QuoteWerks will open and display the quote the attachment refers to. This feature is very useful for organizing and finding your quotes from within HubSpot CRM. If this is a remote install or satellite office, opening that document link will import that quote into that QuoteWerks installation.

Automatically Attach PDF Version of Quote to HubSpot Deal

When you e-mail a quote or proposal to your customer, the PDF of the document is automatically attached to the deal so other people in your organization who don't have QuoteWerks can open and view quotes. This is especially useful for technicians and service reps. A PDF will only be attached when you email the document to the customer, preview and click the "Attach to CRM" paperclip, or use the Save As PDF feature to attach it.