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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024

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RDS/RDP/VDI/Citrix/Terminal Server Installation

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Important: Make sure you've reviewed the Installation Overview and Pre-Installation Preparation before proceeding.


You can configure QuoteWerks to run through a Terminal Server environment. You can install it as the main installation on this terminal server machine, or you can simply run the node installation on this terminal server so that it can access a network installation of QuoteWerks located on a different server.

When installing QuoteWerks on a Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer machine, it's important to note that these operating systems do not allow programs installed in the C:\Program Files folder to save data anywhere inside that folder. QuoteWerks needs to save data in its own \QuoteWerks folder, so install QuoteWerks into a folder such as C:\Applications\QuoteWerks instead of the C:\Program Files folder.


Installing QuoteWerks on a Terminal Server/RDS/VDI/Citrix Environment

Important:   If your terminal server will be the file server, while logged into the terminal server machine, first follow the Local PC installation to install QuoteWerks locally on the terminal server machine.

If you’ll be installing QuoteWerks on one of these types of servers, you must perform the installation while in global or install mode.

On Windows Server, to install an application in global mode do the following:

1.Open an elevated command prompt
(Start --> CMD -->right click --> run as administrator)

2.Enter "change user /install" (without quotes).

3.Run the node installation as an administrator
(Right click --> run as administrator on nsetup.exe)

4.When the Node installation is complete, go back into the command prompt and type "change user /execute" (without quotes)

Optional:  Reboot the Server