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April 17, 2024

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CHAPTER 2: Installing QuoteWerks

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There are three environments you can install QuoteWerks in:

1.As a single-user installation on your local computer that is not shared with anyone else. See Local PC Installation for more information.

2.On your network server, so all the computer workstations on your network can run a shared installation of QuoteWerks. This way, all users' quotes and other information will be saved into the same database and accessible by other users, according to their individual security settings. See Network Server Installation for more information.

3.On a Windows Server with a terminal server environment like Windows Terminal Server, Citrix, or Go-Global. In this configuration your users can remote in to the terminal server and run QuoteWerks. This option offers similar benefits as the previously explained network-installation option, but is preferred when you don't want to install QuoteWerks on multiple remote computers and set up and maintain synchronization features. This makes it a great solution for companies with remote sales reps who are always traveling but still need to use QuoteWerks. See Terminal Server Installation for more information.

If you install QuoteWerks in the number 2 or 3 environment, you can, in addition, set up Remote Site (Satellite Office) and Remote PC (laptop) QuoteWerks installations, where the data can then sent among the different installations.

Single-User vs Multi-User Installer Program

Although you can install QuoteWerks as a single- or multiple-user solution, you’ll use only 1 installer (qwsetup.exe) for both. What determines if QuoteWerks is a single- or multiple-user installation is where it’s installed, how it’s installed, and what License Key is used to activate it.

Pre-Installation Preparation

See Pre-Installation Preparation to begin.

Begin Installation

After you've gone through all the preparation, you can begin the installation process. See the topic that corresponds to your needs from the list below:

Local PC Installation

Network Server Installation

Terminal Server Installation



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