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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024

The main installation (qwsetup.exe) installs all the common shared files, like the databases and the program executable, to the network path.

When you run the main installation, the node installation (nsetup.exe) will automatically start running after the main installation installer has finished.

The node installation will copy and register the necessary files (*.dll,*.ocx) to the machines’ local \Windows\System directory, register them, and create the icons necessary to run QuoteWerks from that computer workstation. Running the node installation is very easy to do and does not ask you for any information.

Important:   If you are installing QuoteWerks on a network, you'll need to run the node installation (\QuoteWerks\nsetup.exe) from each workstation on the network that will be running QuoteWerks.

Note:When we say the node install copies and registers the necessary files to the \Windows\System directory, what that means is that the qw.exe program needs these files to exist on your local machine so it can run. So even when the qw.exe is on your network drive, it requires that the local C:\Windows\System32 files exist and match the needs of the qw.exe file.

How to Run the Node Installation for Additional Workstations on the Network

Important:   As with any software installations, please make sure that no other software is running when you run the node install.

1.From each computer workstation, navigate to the \QuoteWerks directory on the network.

2.Run the node-installation program (nsetup.exe).


See Performing a Multiple-User Network Installation for more details.