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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 1.04) 
December 12, 2023

On the Settings tab, you can modify the bundle name, and set the configuration type.

There are 2 Configuration types: Simple Configuration and Grouped Configuration.

Simple Configuration

When a simple configuration is added to the quote, all the line items will be added to the quote, with no relation to each other.

Grouped Configuration

When a grouped configuration is added to the quote, all the line items that are added will be logically grouped together.

This information is then copied into the Group Header of the configuration. It can then be used in the quote and for reporting purposes.

See Line Types and Attributes Used for Grouping for details on the logical grouping of items.

Configuration Name
The Configuration Name is the name of the Configuration. You should name it something that relates to the items that make up the Configuration so it is easier to identify.  This is an internal name only and will not be displayed to the customer.
Configuration Internal Notes
The Configuration Internal Notes are internal notes about the configuration. This could be additional insight for the sales rep before they add the configuration to the document.  These are not displayed to the customer.

Part Number
Set a part number for the configuration for reporting and integration purposes.  It can be a custom number that is defined by you.

Vendor Part Number
Specify a Vendor Part Number for the configuration for reporting and integration purposes.  It can be a custom number that is defined by you.
Item Type
The Item Type of the Configuration can be set to any of the item types you have set in QuoteWerks.
Configuration Description
The Configuration Description is the customer facing description for the Configuration header line. You will want to make sure this is something that is relevant to the customer.
Picture File
The Picture File allows you to set a picture for the Configuration header line.  This will be displayed on the output of the document.  The icon will allow you to select the picture for the configuration.  The icon will remove the picture.  
Unit Price Override
The Unit Price Override allows users to specify a specific amount for the Grouped Configuration.  Typically, QuoteWerks takes the total of the line items in the Configuration and calculates that as the Configuration Header total.  However, in some instances you may want to round the total number. Here you can specify the exact number you wish to charge for this Grouped Configuration by typing in the amount.

Note: When you use this feature, the individual items that make up the Grouped Configuration's Unit Prices are adjusted to total up to the amount set here.


Group Properties

The Group Properties option enables users to set the configuration to a single recurring monthly revenue amount (Recurring Groups). All the individual items in the group are totaled and an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and a term (e.g. 12, 24, 36 months) can be set.

This option calculates the monthly payment amount which will display in the group header’s Unit Price field when the configuration is added to the QuoteWerks document. Users can see the total recurring amount by viewing the “Group Ext. Price w. Tax Price” and “Group Ext. Price Pre-recurring” fields on the Document Items tab in the Quote Workbook.

Note:        If you are planning on using the reporting features in QuoteWerks to report on the sales amounts of particular products sold, keep in mind that when a discount modifier is used in a configuration, the prices of the individual line items in the configuration are not individually discounted. The discount is instead subtracted from the configuration total.