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December 12, 2023

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Creating, Editing, and Printing a Configuration

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Creating a Configuration

Select the Products -> Configurator menu or the icon on the toolbar to display the Configurator window.

To create a new configuration, click on the [New] button.

In the following window you can enter a name for the configuration:

Click on the [Ok] button to save the configuration name.

To clone an existing configuration, click the [Clone] button. Cloning is very useful for when you want to create another configuration that is mostly the same as an existing configuration, but with changes.

Note:The Configurations window can be resized. The last size and location will be remembered (per user) for the next time.

Searching for a Configuration

Users can search for a Configuration by the Name, Description, Notes fields, and/or specific part numbers in the configuration. You can use the search query options to search by "Begins With", "Contains", "Ends With", or Search Query.

Tip:When using the Search Query operator, use double quotes [ " " ] around a phrase to search for that phrase.  If you type a minus [ - ] character after the phrase, the search results will omit anything typed after the minus sign.  For example, if you wanted to search for any configurations that contained "Microsoft Office" in the phrase but didn't want it to include results that have "2007" in them it would look like this: "Microsoft Office" - 2007.  If you typed "Microsoft Office" -Basic - OEM this would omit any results that contain the word "Basic" and/or "OEM" after Microsoft Office.  


Tip:You can right=-click on an item in the Configuration Items list and "Copy Part Number" .  This is useful if you need to then search for that part number across all configurations.

Editing a Configuration

From the list of configurations select the Configuration that you want to edit, and then click on the [Edit] button to edit the configuration. The Configuration Setup window has 2 tabs:

Settings Tab

Flowchart Tab

Custom Tab

Custom Memo Tab


Printing a Configuration

To print a configuration, click on the Print icon on the Flowchart tab. You can select the printer that you would like to print to and also if you click on the Properties button on the printer selection window, you can change the paper orientation:

The Printer Setup icon next to the Print icon can be used to set the margins for the printed configuration.