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December 12, 2023

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Line Types and Attributes Used for Grouping

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The purpose of grouping line items together is to logically combine the items into a single entity for easier use.

When you add a grouped bundle or grouped configuration to a quote, QuoteWerks will logically group the items together. When items are grouped together, a group Header line item is created and all the line items in the group are set with the group member attribute.

When a group is created, a group Header line item is inserted before the line items that make up the group. These line items that are in the group are called group members. The sum of the prices of the group members are placed into the group Header line item as a single unit price. The individual group-member prices do not print by default; however, you can change the Hide Price attribute to print the individual prices. The quantity column of the group header has a yellow background, and the description cell of all of the line items in the group will have a yellow background.

Note:The group Header line type cannot be manually created. To insert an additional item into a group, use the Edit -> Insert Paste menu.

Tip:     The Group Header Unit Price can be manually set.  For example, if you change the Unit Price of the group to $3500.00, all of the items in the group will recalculate to come out to the new total. This provides a lot of flexibility to charge exactly what you want for a group instead of the calculated total. The difference in the calculated price and the manually set price will be evenly distributed among all the items in the group by percentage. Please note, using this feature will remove any price modifiers set.