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Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024

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Customizing QuoteWerks

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The ability to customize tools is crucial to any organization, and QuoteWerks is no exception. In QuoteWerks, you can customize items like column names and field labels/titles. Fill your user database with specific information about your users, generate your own lookup list for simple form filling, set defaults for your quotes and other documents, and much more.

QuoteWerks has extra fields that you can customize to store any additional information.  For example, you can customize one of the customizable date fields to track an expected Ship or Delivery date.You can also customize the custom text fields to reflect other information such as a credit card numbers, expiration date, etc.  QuoteWerks can be configured to automatically pull this information from your contact management software using our innovative DataLink feature.

For information on customizing QuoteWerks to fit the look and feel of your organization, please see the following topics:

Customizing Fields on the Custom Tab, Tab Names, and Field Labels

Customizing Columns on the Document Items Tab of the Quote Workbook

Customizing Product Fields, Contact Fields, and Menus

F2 Lookup List Feature

Setting Personalized Preferences

Setting Defaults and Options

User Maintenance and Security