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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024

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Performing a Multiple-User Network Installation

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Important:   Make sure you’ve read the introductory text of this chapter before proceeding.

Performing a Multiple-User Network Installation

In general, you’ll perform a network installation of QuoteWerks as follows:

1.From a workstation, log in as the network ADMINISTRATOR, or equivalent user.

2.Run the main installer (qwsetup.exe) one of the computers on your network.

3.When the installation program asks where you’d like to install QuoteWerks, choose your network drive (cannot be a root share).

Once this shared network installation has finished, you can set up other computers on the network to use it by following these steps:

1.Go to the other computers on the network

2.Navigate to the QuoteWerks directory on the network

3.Run the node installation program nsetup.exe, located in the network \QuoteWerks directory, for each computer on the network.  This node-installation program will copy and register the necessary files (*.dll,*.ocx) to the machine's local \Windows\System directory, register them, and create the icons necessary to run QuoteWerks from that computer workstation on the network.



Important Notes for Installing Full Copies of QuoteWerks on More than 1 PC

If you want to install QuoteWerks onto a remote PC (like a home computer or laptop), you’ll need to generate special remote License Keys to activate these remote PC installations of QuoteWerks. This will allow those installations to share quotes with the network installation of QuoteWerks. Please refer to Laptops and Remote Locations for information on how to generate these special remote License Keys, as well as how to set up laptop installations.