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Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024

Important:   In order to use the QuickBooks Online link, you must have two items.  First, you must have an active QuickBooks Online Subscription and second you must have an active QuoteWerks to QuickBooks Online Subscription.  If you are unsure if you have the required information, please contact the QuoteWerks Sales team.

Setting Up the QuickBooks Online Integration
The QuickBooks Online Integration is setup in two phases:  

Establishing the QuickBooks Online Integration Link which ties QuoteWerks to your QuickBooks Online account

Configuring the QuickBooks Online Integration which selects the settings for the integration.
Follow the Establishing QuickBooks Online Integration settings first followed by the Configuration topic.


Things you need to know about the QuickBooks Online Integration link:

The QuickBooks Online Integration works with USA, UK, Canada, and Australia versions of QuickBooks Online.

The QuickBooks Online Integration exports QuoteWerks documents to QuickBooks Online as Invoices, Estimates, or Sales Receipts. It does not export documents to QuickBooks Online as pending invoices.

You can export your QuickBooks Online items to a file, and then import them into a QuoteWerks product database or link directly to the QuickBooks product list eliminating the need to import.

QuickBooks extended prices on invoices need to be exactly two decimal places and no more. Therefore, in QuoteWerks the extended price decimal places must also be set to exactly two.

Groupings like grouped bundles and grouped configurations can be transferred over to QuickBooks based on settings configured in the QuickBooks Online link setup.

QuickBooks calculates discounts/charges differently from QuoteWerks resulting in different calculations in certain situations. If you have a %charge or %discount line immediately below a subtotal line item, then any subtotal line items below this subtotal line item may have different totals in QuickBooks.



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