Vendor Maintenance

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Vendor Maintenance

When printing purchase orders, QuoteWerks prints information on the purchase order about the vendor. You can modify this information by selecting the Utilities -> Vendor Maintenance menu:

Here you can Import, Add, Edit or Delete a Vendor.

To add a vendor to the Vendor Maintenance window, click on the [New] button and type in the display box the name of the vendor.

To edit the newly created vendor or an existing vendor click on the [Edit] button. The vendor maintenance window will appear and contains the vendor’s name, address, phone number, sales rep name, etc. that you can modify:

Tip:The PO Prefix/Postfix field will let you set a postfix for PO numbers created by QuoteWerks. For example, if your Vendor name was "QuoteWerks" you could add "QW" to this field and it would add QW to the end of the PO number when it's created in QuoteWerks to provide a quick visual on which vendor that PO was for. You can set up to 3 characters in this field.

Searching for Vendors

If you need to perform a search for a vendor, you can use the Name or Notes fields or a combination of the two to locate a specific or number of vendors.  


In the Free Shipping Min field, if applicable, you can enter the minimum amount you must spent through that vendor in a single purchase to qualify for free shipping. If a minimum is in place here, you will a message similar to, for example, "Your Tech Data free shipping minimum is $1,000. You need to add 754.64" under the Purchasing window's Purchasing tab:


To delete a vendor, select the vendor to be deleted and click on the [Delete] button.

Selecting Vendors in the Quote Workbook

The Vendor column on the Document Items tab of the Quote Workbook will have a drop down list of all the vendors and also all of the product databases.


For more information on vendor maintenance, see Using the Vendor Import Wizard.