QuoteValet Notifications, E-Mails, and SPAM

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QuoteValet Notifications, E-Mails, and SPAM

When you receive the email from QuoteValet in your email client, your email client will see the customer email address that it is from and will link it to that companies record in your CRM or Email client. That way you can actually see all emails that have been exchanged with that customer and all notifications of views for that customer listed under that customers CRM/Email client record. We do it this way because of the benefit and clarity of the real world need to associate these emails about the customer with the customer.

When your SPAM filter receives the email that quotevalet.com sent using the azure.quotevalet.com SMTP server with the reply to email address being of our customer's customer, like joe@abccompany.com, it looks at the reply to email address and sees that the email domain is @abccompany.com. What it does next is an attempt to detect spam. It does a REVERSE DNS lookup querying the abccompany.com SMTP server and asks it if azure.quotevalet.com is an authorized send of emails on its behalf. This can result in the email being treated as spam.

You can often combat this by white-listing the QuoteValet domain/IP address in your email systems (quotevalet.com/ White-listing, as well as applying this as a reverse DNS lookup in your systems often allows the emails to come through without issue.  

You can also modify the SPAM software settings to not check for this if the SMTP server is azure.quotevalet.com as well as modify the settings to look for all emails with a subject starting with "QuoteValet:" and let those all come through.

For your customers to receive emails through their spam filters, you may need to add the QuoteValet email server (azure.quotevalet.com/ to your SPF record.

Emails are not always 100% reliable, therefore we also have our QuoteValet Dashboard inside QuoteWerks and www.quotevalet.com/insight on the web to ensure the best experience in QuoteValet reporting and notification. These options read directly from the QuoteValet server, and have real-time activity updates with what has happened on QuoteValet. 

Finally, we have a component we can trigger on your QuoteValet Tenant Account that will force all notification emails, both to you as well as to your customers, to be sent to-and-from "donotreply@quotevalet.com". Because this will resolve from the email's origin domain, this will prevent the emails from being seen as spam. If the above options do not work, then more than likely we will have to enable this for you so that you can receive notifications without issue.