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QuoteValet File Share

Uploads Area
The Uploads Area lets your clients and sales reps upload documents to QuoteValet.  This is an easy way to share documents between the sales rep and client.  

There are two tabs available on the Uploads Area Section, "Customer Uploads" and "Sales Rep Uploads".  This lets the customer and sales rep upload and share documents with one another through the QuoteValet document instead of having to email the documents back and forth.  

When a file or multiple files have been uploaded to the customer uploads tab, the sales rep will receive an email and dashboard notification that a document has been uploaded. The e-mail notification will include a link to download the file and also a link to take the sales rep to the File Upload Area on the QuoteValet quote.  The same will happen when the sales rep uploads a document to the SalesRep Uploads tab, an email will be sent to the customer. However, this will only happen when the customer has viewed the quote at least once.

When a document is uploaded to either tab, the name of the document is defaulted to the file name.  However, the client or sales rep can then edit the name once uploaded.  Additionally, there is an option to specify a Category for the file to help with organization (such as SOW, Misc, etc). These categories are customizable on the QuoteValet Site Files tab in the QuoteValet Setup.  You can also default the properties window to always open when a new file is uploaded in the setup. Additional notes can also be included to provide more detail or insight in the files that are being uploaded.

If a customer uploads a file, it can only be deleted by the sales rep. The sales rep will need to log in into the Sales Rep Facing Page and then click on the trash can icon next to the file to delete it from the Uploads Area.


Note:The Customer Uploads and SalesRep Uploads tab names are customizable in the HTML templates.  Please contact support for more information.