Payments Sub Tab

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Payments Sub Tab

When exporting QuoteValet payments from QuoteWerks to QuickBooks, users can setup the mappings on this tab for the correct payment methods to different payment method and deposit accounts in QuickBooks.

For example, while QuoteValet sends over a specific credit card over as VISA or MC, in QuickBooks, you might want the payment method for both of those to simply be "Credit Card". When accepting a payment when PayPal was used, you might want that payment to be deposited into a different account than where the regular credit card payments are deposited.

The mappings become even more important when accepting check or wire transfer payments by proxy as you will typically want to deposit those payments into different accounts, for example, a check would go into "Undeposited Funds", whereas a wire transfer would be deposited directly into the bank account.

Map Payment Method Deposit Accounts

Payment Deposit Account

When QuoteWerks exports QuoteValet payments over to QuickBooks, this is the default Deposit Account that will be used.


Payments AR Account

This is the default accounts receivable account that will be used when QuoteWerks creates a PO in QuickBooks.


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