Custom Fields Sub Tab

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Custom Fields Sub Tab

When QuoteWerks creates item definitions in QuickBooks, you can map fields from the QuoteWerks Document Items to the QuickBooks Item Definition custom fields. This is supported in QuickBooks 2007 and higher.

The information will be written over to QuickBooks when the QuoteWerks document is exported. QuoteWerks can map fields from the QuoteWerks Document Items table to the QuickBooks Item Definition Custom fields, from QuoteWerks Document Headers to QuickBooks Estimate/Sales Order/Invoice/Purchase Order Custom Fields, and from the columns/fields in the Document Items tab in QuoteWerks to the custom fields columns of the line items in QuickBooks Estimates/Sales Orders/Invoices/Purchase Orders.

Note:The [PO Header Custom Fields] mappings on this tab will also allow data to be copied from the QuoteWerks Document to the QuickBooks PO. However, if you create a Purchase Order that includes items from more than one QuoteWerks Document, then you will be notified, and no mapping data will be copied into the QuickBooks Purchase Order.