Export Details

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Export Details

Read on to learn about some export details.

Customer Information

QuoteWerks will create a customer record in QuickBooks (Lists -> Customer:Job List) for the customer that is in the quote if they do not already exist in QuickBooks. This is useful if you do not have the customer already in QuickBooks.

If the customer record already exists, then based on the “If the Customer does exist” option specified on the Transaction tab in the QuickBooks link setup, the customer information in QuickBooks can be updated with the information from the QuoteWerks document.

Note:The phone and fax fields in QuickBooks are limited to 21 characters in length. If the data in the phone or fax fields is longer than 21 characters in QuoteWerks, the fields may not be exported to QuickBooks.

Items on Estimates/Invoices

An item's cost, description, and price from QuoteWerks will be used in the exported estimate/invoice, not the cost, description, and price of the item in QuickBooks.

Item Information

When exporting estimates/invoices, QuoteWerks will create items in QuickBooks (Lists -> Items menu) if the items do not already exist.

QuickBooks 2002

When exporting items to QuickBooks 2002 and the item exists, QuoteWerks does not update the existing item in the Items List.

QuickBooks 2003 and Later

When exporting items to QuickBooks 2003/2004 and the item exists, QuoteWerks can update the cost/price of the item in the Items List.