Creating or Updating a Quote in Autotask

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Creating or Updating a Quote in Autotask

When you're saving a document, the “Create/Update Quote” checkbox will appear on the Save window.

Note:This window will NOT appear if you are saving a quote as a template.

Once you have pressed the [OK] button from the File -> Save or File -> Save As window, the “Create/Update Autotask Quote” window will appear, enabling you to create/update an Autotask quote. The Quote Name, Description, Effective and Expiration Dates can all be modified before saving the quote in Autotask. Additionally, when creating or updating the Autotask quote, if a PO number has been entered into QuoteWerks under the CustomerPONumber field, that number will populate the Purchase Order Number field in Autotask.

This quote will be created and appear in the “Quotes” section of Autotask and will be set as active.

Note:If items on a QuoteWerks quote mapped as Products do not exist in Autotask, when QuoteWerks creates the Autotask Quote, the items will be created in the Autotask databases. If they do exist, they will not be overwritten in the databases. QuoteWerks matches the Autotask Products and Services using the Manufacturer Part Number. The manufacturer part number set in QuoteWerks will also be written into the SKU field in Autotask since the part number field in Autotask is not searchable.

Additionally, if the labor item does not currently exist in Autotask, it will be created as a Cost item on the quote and in the database instead.

Once the quote is saved, the products and services will be populated in an Autotask Quote.  You can have up to two of the same Service items on an Autotask Quote. Any additional, duplicate service items will be added as cost items to the Autotask Quote and the user will be notified of this in QuoteWerks.

Additionally, when QuoteWerks creates the Autotask Quote, the Sold to, Ship to, and Bill to addresses from QuoteWerks will be copied into the same fields in the Autotask quote under the Terms tab.

Note:To disable this setting, use the Settings Manager settings of SystemSettings\Autotask\DontSetSoldToContactInQuote=-1, SystemSettings\Autotask\DontSetShipToContactInQuote=-1, SystemSettings\Autotask\DontSetBillToContactInQuote=-1.