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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 1.04) 
December 12, 2023

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Title Bar, Documents Bar, and Status Bar

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Title Bar

The title bar of the document is at the very top of the Quote Workbook.

The title bar displays the:

company name (or contact name if there is no company name) the document is for

document name

document number


Documents Bar

The Documents Bar is located above the QuoteWorkBook (the tabs) and will display a list of documents currently open (default is 5, but the max can be adjusted to 10).


You can switch between the documents by clicking on the document name or using the keyboard shortcut of [CTRL+TAB]. Additionally, holding the [CTRL] key while clicking on a 2nd document will automatically line up two documents together in the same window to make it easier to compare the documents, copy and paste, etc.  Holding down CTRL+SHIFT and clicking on the 2nd document will maximize both documents in QuoteWerks.

The Window-> Tile or Window-> Cascade menu options will also help interaction with the documents.

Status Bar
A status bar is at the very bottom of the Quote Workbook:

This status bar displays:

the name of the currently logged-in user (far right)

the total number of line items in the quote and the current line item that the cursor is on (directly left of the currently logged-in user)

how many line items are selected in the quote, if any (directly left of the total number)

the currently selected line type, if any, such as “Product/Service | Taxable” (far left)

event-notification messages (far left)

a monitor icon that when double-clicked will move and tile all open QuoteWerks documents to the primary monitor


Tip:If for some reason you didn’t see a message or a group of messages was displayed too quickly for you to see, double-click that area of the status bar to display the message log.  This will open the Notification Log and enable you to view all the messages.  The log can be left open as its own window and will display the last 500 messages until cleared.


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