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Version 24 (Build 1.04) 
December 12, 2023

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Setting Up QuoteWerks Web

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QuoteWerks Web Requirements

1.Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks Desktop.

2.An active Maintenance (UMP) subscription.

3.QuoteWerks Desktop must be installed on a server or workstation.  This is the master installation and is required to setup and configure QuoteWerks Web.

4.The Corporate Edition will need to be re-hosted to Microsoft SQL. The Microsoft SQL Server must be accessible by QuoteWerks Web, either on-premise, hosted by third party provider (like Microsoft Azure or Amazon RDS), or you can sign up for the QuoteWerks Database Hosting Service.

5.Depending upon your selected database hosting option and QuoteWerks Desktop use, you may need to have an external static ip address. See specific instructions for details.


QuoteWerks Web - The Basics

1.The QuoteWerks Web license is an add-on license to the QuoteWerks Desktop product that gets you access to your QuoteWerks through a web browser. It is not designed for setting up your installation or making administrative changes.  Changes such as security settings, layout edits, product and service management need to be done in QuoteWerks Desktop. Your layouts, word documents, cover pages, literature, etc are all available in QuoteWerks Web.

2.If you have purchased Real-time Licenses, Etilize Subscriptions, and/or QuoteValet Subscriptions for QuoteWerks Desktop, these features will be accessible in QuoteWerks Web.

3.QuoteWerks Web access licensing is per concurrent user. You only need as many QuoteWerks Web licenses as users that will be using QuoteWerks Web at one time.




Important:   The following setup instructions are for advanced IT Administrators. Experience with firewalls, and Microsoft SQL Server is required to complete these steps.  DO NOT attempt to follow the instructions below if you do not have the above mentioned experience.

Tip:QuoteWeks Web supports multi-factor authentication.  This is setup on the Login tab of the User Properties window.  It will confirm with a text message and will send it to the user based on the mobile number provided under the Personal tab of the My Preferences window.

QuoteWerks Web Setup (Starting with Access Backend)

If the backend of your installation is currently Access you will need to rehost your installation from Access to Microsoft SQL.  To do this, you have 3 options for hosting your QuoteWerks database. View this topic for instructions on setting up one of these options.


QuoteWerks Web Setup (Starting with Microsoft SQL Backend)

If the backend of your installation is already on Microsoft SQL, you have several options on how to proceed depending upon if you want keep your existing SQL database or move it to a different hosted location. View this topic for instructions on setting up one of these options.