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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024

QuoteWerks Corporate Edition versions 4.9 and higher include built-in VB scripting support, which enables you to write code to extend the functionality of QuoteWerks including performing special validations, checking for combinations of items, and more. QuoteWerks Scripting takes advantage of API events within the application itself without the need of an externally written application. We offer professional services and work with development partners to assist in the writing of QuoteWerks scripts.

Create Custom VBS Scripts Menu Options

For Corporate Edition users, you can also create custom menu items under Tools->Customize Menus that run VBS script files. This enables you to write code to perform actions on the currently open quote when selecting custom menu options. For example, you can create a new Edit->Round Prices by ItemType menu and then have it run VBScript code in the specified file which will perform that action. You can create many different custom menus to perform unique different actions on the quote based on your needs rather than the same script running every time for every quote (like the Event driven scripting).  In the script you will have access to the API Application object and other objects. For a complete list of available objects, please see the QuoteWerks API SDK.


Using the Settings Manager, you can specify vbscript (.vbs) files that can be run for various events in QuoteWerks like BeforePrint, BeforeSaveDocument, etc. This is designed so that you can have multiple events call the same .vbs script file if you wish.

Any VBScript file can be executed when a supported Application event is fired, by adding KeyNames under the Scripting Section of the SystemSettings:

{ApplicationEventName}={VBScript filename}

For example:




...where BeforeSaveDocumentEventScript.vbs and BeforePrintDocumentEventScript.vbs are files located in the QuoteWerks\Applets folder


For complete document of all the events and objects available for scripting, please obtain the QuoteWerks SDK Kit.