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Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024

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Selecting a Customer/Prospect

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Bringing a Contact from Your Contact Manager into a Document

Before QuoteWerks, you may have had to manually type in the customer's name, title, address, etc every time you created a quote.  QuoteWerks integrates seamlessly with leading contact management software such as ACT!, Autotask, ConnectWise, Google Contacts, GoldMine, Kaseya BMS, Maximizer, Maximizer CRM Live, MS CRM, Outlook,, SugarCRM, and Zoho CRM.

These integrations allow you to search for a company or contact that already exists in your contact management software and pull them into QuoteWerks so you can instantly start quoting using your prospect and customer information.  You will never have to re-type your customer's information and no importing or synch is required!

If you click on the...

button, QuoteWerks will copy contact information from one of the other contact sections. For example, if you click this button above the Sold to contact fields, you can copy the contact details from the Ship to or Bill to contact fields.

button, this will open that contact inside your CRM.

button, this will open that Company/Account inside your CRM.

button, QuoteWerks will create the account and contact record if it does not currently exist in QuoteWerks, Autotask, ConnectWise, HubSpot CRM, KaseyaBMS, MS CRM, , or Zoho CRM

button, the contact information will be cleared.

button, the contact information currently displayed in your open contact manager will be retrieved.

button, a Lookup contact window is displayed. This window will look different depending on the contact manager you are using; the example below is a Lookup ConnectWise contact window. You can choose to search by criteria such as company or last name.


To add the contact to your quote, simply click the [Sold to], [Ship to], and/or [Bill to] button(s), or the [All] button to copy the contact to all those areas under the Sold to / Ship to tab.

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