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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024

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Multiple Users - Moving QuoteWerks with a SQL Backend to a New Server

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Important:   Be sure no one is using QuoteWerks before performing this procedure!!

1.Locate your QuoteWerks Directory/folder on the server you are moving it from
(To Check your Install Path, Log into QuoteWerks and Click on Help --> About --> System --> Install Path.)

2.Close QuoteWerks, and navigate to your QuoteWerks Directory/folder on the server

3.Make a backup of the entire QuoteWerks folder

4.In SQL Management Studio, backup the QuoteWerks SQL database

5.Copy the ENTIRE QuoteWerks Directory into the folder you want QuoteWerks to be in the new server. (For Example: F:\Applications\)

6.Once the copy completes successfully, you can delete the QuoteWerks folder from the original machine or re-name it to avoid confusion or users possibly working in the wrong QuoteWerks.
(Be sure to save your backup file though, just in case!)

7.Restore the SQL database on the new SQL server

8.Once the QuoteWerks Directory (folder) has been placed at your desired location/share, go to any workstation on your network, or on the server itself, and navigate to the QuoteWerks folder share. Inside the QuoteWerks directory/folder you will find a file named NSETUP.EXE.
NOTE: If all users will be remoting into the server to access QuoteWerks there, then you will do this on the new server, however be sure that you put the server into Install Mode first before running*. 

9.Double click on NSETUP.EXE to launch the file (Node Installation program)

10.Once the Node Setup has completed, point the QuoteWerks installation to the new SQL instance using the medic utility
 (instructions below)

11.That's it. You're all done! You can now launch QuoteWerks from that workstation. Repeat steps 8-9 for each workstation/node on your network. Be sure to check the box during the setup to create desktop shortcut to ensure user’s shortcuts are pointing to the new server.


Special Notes:

1. Make sure that you give all users FULL CONTROL Folder Permissions to the QuoteWerks directory/folder on your server as well as Read\Write on the share.

2. If using mapped drives, you will want to map the drives PRIOR to running the NSetup.exe on the workstations. Do not map directly to the QuoteWerks Directory!
   (For example: If you put QuoteWerks in F:\Shared Apps\QuoteWerks, you will map your network drive to either "F" or "Shared Apps" - not QuoteWerks.)


Setting the environment to Install Mode (if an RDS or Terminal Services Server): 

1.Open an elevated command prompt and enter "Change user /install" (without quotes)
(Start --> CMD -->right click --> run as administrator) and enter "change user /install" (without quotes).


2.Run the Node Installation Program as an administrator
(Right click --> run as administrator on nsetup.exe)


3.When the Node installation is complete, make sure to run "change user /execute" at the elevated command prompt


Change the location that QuoteWerks uses to read the SQL Data. 

1. Launch the QuoteWerks Medic Utility located in the QuoteWerks directory called MEDIC.EXE.

2. Select the Utilities-System Database Setup Menu.

3. Make the appropriate SQL server changes and click the OK Button. Sometimes this pops up an error screen (but there is no error). You can verify that the change took effect by opening QuoteWerks and going to Help --> About --> System and verifying the entries in the SQL Server/Database Name fields.