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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024

The Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks can link to the ConnectWise product list. This is valuable because you will have real-time access to your ConnectWise products and more importantly your inventory.

In order for QuoteWerks to link to the ConnectWise product list, you must have ConnectWise set as your Contact Manager on the Contacts -> Setup Contact Manager menu and the integration must already be fully set up, including the Integrator Login. Otherwise, QuoteWerks will be unable to communicate with ConnectWise. Once this has been completed, follow these steps to link to ConnectWise product list:

Step 1: Launch QuoteWerks.

Step 2: In QuoteWerks, go to the Products -> Setup Product Sources menu, then select the [New] button on the Product Data Source Setup window:


Step 3: From the “Select Database Type” window, select “ConnectWise” from the drop down menu:

Then click on the [Next] button to move to the next step.


Step 4: This window allows you to map the ConnectWise item fields to their QuoteWerks counterpart. By default, we have already mapped the ConnectWise fields to QuoteWerks fields:

If you want to change our default selections, simply select the ConnectWise field on the right, then select the QuoteWerks field on the left and choose to map or un-map the fields.

The fields available to be mapped include category, class, cost, description, item id, manufacturer, manufacturer part number, price, product type, QuoteWerks Item Type, Short Description, subcategory, tax code, UOM (unit of measure), vendor, vendor part number.

Tip:In ConnectWise, the product item field "Customer Description" is the "Description" field seen in the screenshot above. Since this field is typically the longer description and usually customer facing, it is automatically mapped to the Description field (the customer facing field) in QuoteWerks by default. If you would rather use the "Short Description" field, you can map it to the Description field here.

Click on the [Next] button to move to the next step.


Step 5: On this window you can set the name of the product data source:

By default, it will be named ConnectWise, but you can define an alternate name of your choosing.


Step 6: On this window you can “Set Column Titles.” Column titles are the names of the columns as they will appear in the Product Lookup window for this product source.

For example, in QuoteWerks the field name is called ‘Cost' but the Column Title is 'Unit Cost'. You may want to refer to this as simply ‘Cost.’ By clicking on the [Change Title] button you can rename the column title:

Click on the [Next] button to move to the next step.


Step 7: If the ‘Individual Product Data Source level security’ has been enabled, the Security step will appear next:

Here you can control the level of access each User or Group has to this Product Data Source. For details, see the User Maintenance and Security chapter.


Step 8: Here you can choose various options for the product database.

Product Lookup Custom Menu Items

You can create custom right-click menu items specifically for this Product Data Source. Please see Customizing Product Fields, Contact Fields, and Menus.

Show all products/services when product source is selected

Choose this option to display all of the products and services in the database when you select this product database from the Product Lookup window. If you have more than 5,000 items in your product database, it is recommended that you do not select this option.

Disable Product Data Source

Checking this option will "hide" the ConnectWise Product list from the Product Lookup window in QuoteWerks.  No user will be able to add items from the ConnectWise Product Source when this option is selected. It is recommended you leave this setting unchecked.


Click on the [Finish] button to complete the link to the ConnectWise item list.


Step 9: Once you click on the [Finish] button it will return you to the Product Data Source Setup window where you can confirm that the link to the ConnectWise product list was established:


Step 10: To use the link, select the Products-> Lookup menu and select the ConnectWise product data source.


ConnectWise Product Source Features


Searching for Items
To perform a wildcard search in the manufacturer part number field, you can use the contains option in the dropdown and/or the wildcard % symbol.

The ManufacturerPartNumber field searches the ConnectWise ItemId field and the ConnectWise Product ManufacturerPartNumber field. Additionally, when searching by the Description field in QuoteWerks, QuoteWerks will search both the Description and Customer Description fields in the ConnectWise Product Catalog to find a match.

Retrieve Product Content and Real-time Pricing and Availability
Clicking on the button will open the Product Sourcing Panel and lets you compare pricing, update product descriptions, and more  when adding the item to your quote.


Show ConnectWise Inventory On Hand
Right-clicking on an item also provides the option to view the item's stock availability from ConnectWise.  Simply highlight the item you want to check and right-click and select the option "Show ConnectWise Inventory on Hand" and the total availability in ConnectWise along with the breakdown by Warehouse Bins will be displayed.

Note:The first time QuoteWerks retrieves the ConnectWise product list, it caches it in memory so that QuoteWerks does not have to re-retrieve the product list from ConnectWise each time you run a search. If you have changed your ConnectWise product list while QuoteWerks is running you can press the F5 key while the grid has focus to have QuoteWerks re-retrieve the list of ConnectWise products.


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