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December 12, 2023

Important:   Importing Ingram Micro price files is outdated, and has been replaced with the QuoteWerks Product Content Subscription (Powered by Etilize). We strongly recommend that you do not import Ingram Micro price files.

Initially, the only way to get a list of all Ingram Micro's products to add to a quote was to import their price file, which you'd have to download daily from their website. It was very time consuming to download and import product files that contained hundreds of thousands of products. Additionally, the information in this file was very basic; most notably, the product description was very cryptic and technical, which was not presentable to the customer.

If you still choose to import Ingram Micro price files, you can then use the Real-time feature to get real-time prices and warehouse availability for those products. Product Content Subscription vs. Real-time Module Explanation

FTP Price File Downloads

Ingram Micro offers two different FTP price file options:

Personalized Price File FTP Download

For select Ingram Micro customers, Ingram Micro also provides a personalized pricing text file that can be downloaded from their FTP site. Typically the customer must do around $50K in annual sales to qualify for this FTP price file. This FTP file is not automatically available to you – you need to sign up to receive it.

This price file will only contain the products that you are authorized to sell and can contain government pricing for products. This FTP file is updated daily (before noon each day). For details on how to sign up for this personalized file, please contact their ‘Electronic Commerce Support’ number at 800-616-4665.

Generic Price File FTP Download

Ingram Micro also provides to all customers a generic pricing text file located on their FTP site.

This price file will contain a list of all products that Ingram Micro carries, including products that you may not be authorized to sell. It does not contain government pricing for products. This FTP file is updated 5 times daily.

The FTP site and file information are listed below.

For USA Customers:

File Name



This contains the product and pricing information.

Price File Layout.doc

This tells you what data is in each column of the PRICE.ZIP text file.


This contains only the changes for the day.

For Canadian Customers:

File Name



This contains the product and pricing information.

If you download your product and pricing information from Ingram Micro through this FTP price file, then you will instead need to import this product information into one of the QuoteWerks native product databases using the Product Import Wizard. Product imports can be automated to occur unattended outside of business hours.

Ingram Micro also provides an “updates” only file which is available on their FTP site. This file only contains a list of products and prices that have changed recently. After you have imported the full list of products (once a month), you can then download the “updates” file on a daily basis and use that to update the QuoteWerks native product database containing the Ingram Micro product data. Importing daily updates will take much less time than re-importing the entire list of all Ingram’s products on a daily basis.


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