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Version 24 (Build 1.04) 
December 12, 2023

What's the difference between Real-time Pricing & Availability and the Product Content Subscription?
Why would I need both? Can I buy just Real-time Pricing & Availability or just the Product Content Subscription?

In short, the Product Content Subscription provides you with a list of the product information like part numbers, description, and picture, but NO pricing or availability. To get real-time pricing & availability, you need the Real-time Module.

If you only purchase the Real-time Module, you'd need to import distributor product files containing hundreds of thousands of distributor products on a daily basis. You need this to have a searchable database to find the product you're looking for and locate its distributor part number, which is needed to obtain the real-time pricing & availability from that distributor.

When you have both the Product Content Subscription and the Real-time Module, you can retrieve all the information about the products and also have real-time pricing & availability for the products. The Product Content Subscription is an add-on to the Real-time module, so if you purchase the Product Content Subscription you will also need to purchase the Real-time module.