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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024
Note:Ensure you follow the instructions under Selecting Items to Order before reading on.

The D&H online order form has two tabs:

Purchase Order Info Tab

PO Number

You'll use this value when creating a purchase order. If you're linking to QuickBooks, Sage 50 (Peachtree), Autotask, or ConnectWise, the same PO Number will be used when exporting to that application. You can set this number manually or, if you've set a default numbering sequence under Tools -> Options menu -> Installation tab, you can click the button next to the Next PO number sequence field to select the next numerical value. Additionally, if you've set a PO Prefix/Postfix value under Utilities -> Vendor Maintenance menu, then this value will display with the PO number. For example, if you'd set the postfix to "TD" (for Tech Data), the PO number would read, "14-1001TD," where "14" indicates the year 2014 and 1001 represents the unique numeric sequence.This field also supports the F2 Lookup List  feature.

PO Description (QW)

The "PO Description" field allows you to store the description of the purchase order in the QuoteWerks database and is displayed on the Purchasing Window when viewing Purchase Orders. This description is not transmitted to the distributor.


In this field, you can enter a job or ticket number to group purchase orders. For example, you might create five purchase orders to purchase all the products required for the job, and by entering the same job number for each PO, you can easily group and display them together under the Purchase Orders tab.

Filtering by PO RefID while under the Purchase Orders tab will show you the purchase orders linked by job number, and you can get an overall view of whether most of the items have been shipped and received. Filtering by PO RefID while under the Ordered Items tab will show you a complete list of all the items ordered within all purchase orders. It will also show their statuses in terms of whether they've shipped and been received, as well as their serial numbers. Once you see you've received all the items under this tab, you can schedule the job to deliver them to the customer.

Back Order Handling

You can select from two options, either to have each backordered item shipped as they become available, or wait until all items are available and then ship the complete order.

Drop Ship Password

If you have a drop ship password set with D&H, you can enter it here.

Special Instructions

Enter any special instructions that you would like the D&H sales rep to review before accepting this order. Entering anything into this field will cause the order to be placed on hold, requiring the sales rep to manually review it before it will be released for processing.

Tip:The Special Instructions field supports the F2 Lookup feature. Simply press the [F2] key on your keyboard or double-click within the field to bring up a list of available selections.

The Special Instructions field holds up to 300 characters. By using the Special Instructions field, users can choose to submit online orders to D&H overriding the D&H real-time price with your own D&H sales rep negotiated price. When submitting an overridden price you can enter a reason such as a D&H quotation # in the Special Instructions field. Upon receipt of an order where prices don’t match the D&H real-time pricing, the D&H order is automatically flagged and the D&H sales rep will review the order manually.

End users are able to override the pricing when performing the online ordering with D&H.  However, unlike the other vendors, D&H does not support line item level comments.  

What happens instead is the order is submitted with a HOLD status if the real-time price does not match the user price.  This is remarked in the Special Instructions message box.  The system will then attempt to apply the part numbers to the Special Instructions field as well to indicate which items have the special pricing.  However, the Special Instructions field has a character limit.  As such, the system takes a few steps to provide as much information as possible.

It will start by attempting to apply "HOLD + typed special instructions + "'NonStandardPricePart#' + (non-standard pricing)"" for each item.  

If there is not enough room in the available characters to accomplish that task, then it simply write "HOLD + end user typed special instructions + "negotiated/non-standard pricing - please review" without any indication as to which lines have the non-standard pricing.

If it is simply too long, then it just states, "HOLD + typed instructions + "review""

Note:The input boxes for the following fields have max length limits preventing the entering of data longer than the D&H order will allow. This will avoid getting messages telling you that the data is too long and then requiring you to manually change it. The fields are ShipToName, ShipToContact, ShipToAddress1, ShipToAddress2, ShipToCity, ShipToState, ShipToPostalCode, and ShipToPhone.

Shipping Tab

Ship To

If you selected to order items from the currently open order, when you click the [Copy from] menu button you will have the option to pull from the ‘Ship To’, ‘Sold To’, ‘Bill To’, ‘Sales Rep Location’ and ‘Our Location’ areas in QuoteWerks.

If you selected to place an online order with items from multiple orders in QuoteWerks, any of the the 'Ship To’, ‘Sold To’, ‘Bill To’, ‘Sales Rep Location’ options from those orders will be available in addition to the ‘Our Location’ option. The windshield wiper icon to the left of the [Copy from] menu button clears all the fields.

If all of the items are from the same order the Ship to fields will default to the Ship to fields from the quote.

Note:   When you submit the D&H electronic order, the Ship To information entered into the online order will be saved in the QuoteWerks purchase order.

Ship Via

Here you can select your preferred shipping carrier. The available options will vary depending on your country and are defined by D&H.


End User Tab

The End User tab is where users can add the End User contact information as well as other important information, specifically for licensing and warranty orders.

Copy From: Copy the End User contact details from the Sold to, Ship to, Bill to for the selected items on the order.

End User PO Number: Specify a PO number for the end user. This is not a require field.

Authorization Quote Number: For any negotiated or special pricing, place the quote number for the corresponding order in this field.

Master Contract Number: Add master contract number if applicable.

CCOID Number: Add CCOID number if applicable.

Serial Number: Add serial number if applicable.

ESD End User Email: This field may be required on particular orders, typically ones containing warranties and software licensing.

Reseller Email: Add your email to this field when/if required.

Tip:The Email Address field for the End User Contact Details supports the F2 Lookup feature. This allows you to store email addresses to use for your orders if you don't want to use the end users email address, especially if this online order contains items for multiple end users.


Line Item Information

This section of the Online Order Form displays the line items that you have selected to order. You may remove an item from the list by selecting it and clicking the [Remove Item] button.


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