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April 17, 2024

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CHAPTER 29: Open Export Module

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The QuoteWerks Open Export module was designed to add generic export functionality to QuoteWerks as opposed to the specific export functionality of our QuickBooks and Sage 50 (Peachtree) Accounting Integrations. The Open Export Module can be used to export quotes, orders and invoices out of QuoteWerks into your choice of the industry standard formats of delimited text or XML. Most software can import information formatted as a delimited text file (including accounting software), and many newer applications can import and export XML formatted data. To determine if your accounting software can import information from this format, consult the user’s manual for your accounting software.

Note:QuoteWerks support services does not provide any technical support regarding your accounting software. Most accounting software companies have certified consultants that are familiar with the importing and exporting capabilities of your accounting software. We recommend that you contact your accounting software manufacturer to assist you in how to proceed.

What Data is Exported?

A QuoteWerks document consists of two types of records; the DocumentHeader record and the DocumentItem record. The DocumentHeader record contains information about the document such as sold to / ship to information, terms, sales rep, etc. There is only one DocumentHeader record per document. The DocumentItems record contains information for each line item in the quote such as quantity, description, price, extended price, part number etc. There is a DocumentItems record for each line item in the document.

Limitations of the Open Export Module

Accounting software and other applications (we will call these applications the destination application) that you may want to import QuoteWerks document information into may not support some of the advanced line types that QuoteWerks offers. For example, Subtotal, Running SubTotal, % discount, and % charge type of line items may not be supported in the destination application. Also, the other QuoteWerks feature your destination application may not support is the grouping of items into a group header line item. This QuoteWerks feature automatically extends the group quantity to all of the group members, and adds up the price of all the group members and places it on the group header line. When a group is exported, the group header and all the group’s members will be exported. The destination application that will be importing this information must be able to handle that information appropriately.

Delimited Text Export

When choosing to export the data as a tab delimited text file format, the Open Export module exports the DocumentHeader record to the file exheader.txt, and it exports the DocumentItems records to the file exitems.txt. Both of these files are saved to the \QuoteWerks folder.

If you're using a delimited text file format, see the following sub topics for next steps:

Setting Up the Open Export Module

Using the Open Export Module to Export Delimited Text


XML Export

When choosing to export the data as an XML formatted file, the Open Export Module exports the DocumentHeader and DocumentItems records into a file that you specify.

If you're using an XML file format, see the following sub topics for next steps:

Setting Up the Open Export Module

Using the Open Export Module to Export XML