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December 12, 2023

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CHAPTER 22: Document Transport Features

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QuoteWerks’ document transport features were designed so that quotes can be exchanged between sales reps in the field and their home office.

The document transport features allow the user to save a quote to a Document Transport File (DTF). This DTF file can then be sent to another QuoteWerks installation using the method of your choice, such as e-mail, WAN, flash drive, or GoldMine’s GoldSync product. Once the file reaches the other location, it can be imported into that installation’s database using the File -> Import Document menu. When the quote is imported, QuoteWerks will check to see if the quote already exists in that installation’s database. If it does, QuoteWerks performs a date/time comparison to see which quote is newer. If the quote in the DTF file is newer, it will replace its older counterpart in the database.

Setting up QuoteWerks Installations to Use the Document Transport Features

Quotes can only be exchanged between QuoteWerks installations that have the same serial number. The “Master” QuoteWerks installation must “split” off Remote PC or Remote Site License Keys from its “master” license so that each of the remote installations will be sharing the same serial number. See Laptops and Remote Locations for more details.

For more information on DTF files, see the following sub topics:

Creating a Document Transport File

Importing a Document Transport File