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Version 4.7 Build 2 Summary
38 New, 19 Fixes, and 8 Miscellaneous features Released on 02/02/2012
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New Features - Build 2
 1. For QuoteValet users, on the standard customer facing template, there is now a thumbnail image of the attached PDF file automatically displayed!

 2. For QuoteValet users, on customer facing templates, rather than showing the line items on the quote in the details section, there is a new option to alternatively display a fully rasterized version of the attached PDF right in the webpage. This is useful for customers that do not need their customers to change options and would prefer just to present the PDF version of the quote to their customer and then have them electronically sign.

 3. Maximizer 12 is now supported!

 4. Ingram Micro Netherlands Real-time Pricing & Availability is now supported!

 5. For QuoteValet users, when configuring QuoteValet to accept payments you can now specify which card types you accept (VISA, Master Card, American Express and/or Discover). This can be specified when editing the payment gateway details.

 6. If QuoteValet accepted credit card payment for an order that had recurring items on it, you will now be able to retrieve the credit cards details (in a PCI compliant manner) from the payment (from Payments tab on QuoteValet Dashboard or QuoteValet tab in the quote) necessary to bill your customers credit card for the recurring charges each month/quarter, etc. Just right click on the payment entry and choose "Copy Payment Details" which will copy the information into the Windows Clipboard. Along with this feature are two new security rights. If the security right "CannotViewFullCreditCardDetails" is set then the user will not be able to view/copy the full credit card details. If the security right "CannotViewOthersFullCreditCardDetails" is set then the user will not be able to view/copy the full credit card details from other sales reps orders.

 7. For QuoteValet users, when making payments by Proxy, you can now specify the payment method like Check, Wire Transfer or VISA, etc for times when the customer just calls in directly with payment. This is particularly useful when exporting these payments from QuoteValet to QuickBooks. You can also specify the Proxy Payment Reference, useful when receiving a check payment to enter for example "ck#1234".

 8. For QuickBooks users, when the user logged into QuickBooks has QuickBooks Security Rights for "Sensitive Financial Data" and "Sensitive Accounting Activity" set to "No Access", the QuickBooks integration will now work under those settings.

 9. For QuickBooks users, when exporting QuoteValet payments, you can now setup mappings that map the QuoteValet payment methods to different payment method and deposit accounts in QuickBooks. For example, while QuoteValet sends over VISA or MC, in QuickBooks, you might want the payment method for both of those to simply be "Credit Card". When accepting a payment when PayPal was used, you might want that payment to be deposited into a different account than where the regular credit card payments are deposited. The mappings become even more important when accepting check or wire transfer payments by proxy as you will typically want to deposit those payments into different accounts, for example, a check would go into "Undeposited Funds", whereas a wire transfer would be deposited directly into the bank account.

 10. For QuickBooks users, you can now export a QuoteValet payment to QuickBooks without first exporting the quote/order/invoice to QuickBooks.

 11. For ConnectWise users, from the Save window, you can now create 'one-off' activities in ConnectWise.

 12. For ConnectWise users, when creating a ConnectWise Activity, you can now specify the 'Assign To' value so that you can assign the activity to another ConnectWise user.

 13. The right click menu "Copy Authorization Details" for QuoteValet Payments now also copies the Date/Time of the transaction into the Windows Clipboard.

 14. With Edit->Select Special, you can now choose to do a "Equal to" or "Begins with" search and the last value you searched for is remembered next time (even after exiting QuoteWerks).

 15. For QuickBooks users, when exporting payments received by QuoteValet into QuickBooks, the list of payments can now be filtered by date range and also includes a checkbox for "Include previously exported payments".

 16. You can now specify line attributes in product definitions. When using products as bundle items, configuration items, required items, and optional items, those line attributes specified in their setup will override the line attributes specified in the product definition.

 17. The "Hide Quantity" attribute can now be specified for Group Header type line items.

 18. The "Hide Quantity" attribute can now be specified when setting up Bundle Items, Configuration Items, Required Items, and Optional Items.

 19. For QuickBooks users, the item Preferred Vendor field is now available when using QuickBooks as a product data source. For existing customer you will need to modify the QuickBooks Product Data source mappings (Products->Setup Product Data Sources) to map to the newly available field.

 20. On the Open Document window, when searching by Expiration Date, the date can now be specified by selecting "Today", "This Week", etc.

 21. Added the following new date ranges: This YTD, Last YTD, Two Years Ago YTD, Three Years Ago YTD, This Quarter, Last Quarter, 1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, 3rd Quarter, 4th Quarter.

 22. On the Manage tab of the QuoteValet Dashboard, only QuoteValet documents that the logged in user has view rights for will be displayed. Also on the Payments tab.

 23. On the Links tab, added new Right click menu "Save new Copy & Merge Word document".

 24. On the Links tab, when clicking on the "New from Template" button, you can now change the new file name before it is saved.

 25. The following fields are now available for word merging and cover pages &DH_AlternateCommissionAmount, &DH_AlternateSubTotal, &DH_AlternateLocalTax, &DH_AlternateGSTTax, &DH_AlternateTotalTax, &DH_AlternateGrandTotal, &DH_AlternateProfitAmount", &DH_&AlternateTotalCost, &DH_&AlternateTotalList, &DH_AlternateDepositAmount, &DH_AlternateShippingAmount.

 26. From the Quick Lookup Bar, if an exact match to a part number match is not found, the Product Lookup window is displayed and a search is run to show any partial part number matches.

 27. From the Quick Lookup Bar, you can now do an Etilize search.

 28. On the Open Document window, the document date can now be specified by selecting "Today", "This Week", etc.

 29. On the Purchasing window, there is now a right click menu "Manually enter PO Number". This is useful when you have already created the PO for the item elsewhere, as setting the PO number removes it from the list of items that need to be ordered. Optionally you can also specify the PO date that will be written into the Order Date column for each line item selected.

 30. On the Purchasing window, you can now filter by customer. Only customers and vendors within the filter date range are displayed.

 31. On the Purchasing window, there is now an Export to Clipboard button.

 32. When creating a Purchase Order in QuickBooks, the Customer:Job that each item is being purchased for is now populated in the QuickBooks Purchase Order using the QuoteWerks customer information from the Orders.

 33. On the Purchasing window, you can now filter documents by date range.

 34. On the Purchasing window, there is now a status bar that shows the total number and dollar amount of the selected items. Useful for meeting minimum purchase amounts for free shipping offers from vendors.

 35. When making a QuoteValet Payment by Proxy you can now specify the date rather than it being the day you are entering the proxy payment.

 36. Added new user preference under the Misc tab of the Tools->My Preferences menu "When duplicating document do not change sales rep to logged in user". This is useful for users that prepare quotes for other sales reps when duplicating the sales reps quotes.

 37. Added new option "Don't remember window location." on the Misc tab of the Tools->My Preferences menu. This is useful in environments where the number and configurations of monitors are constantly changing.

 38. For QuickBooks users, added new "Auto Select Preferred Vendor" option on the Mappings.Items tab on the QuickBooks setup window. When creating a new item and this option is selected, QuoteWerks will try to select the preferred vendor using the current vendor for the line item in the current quote.

Misc Features - Build 2
 1. When mapping the list of Etilize categories, the list is now sorted.

 2. The Purchasing window is now larger.

 3. For API users, the ItemFunctions.LineItemSetValue now supports the "PictureFile" field.

 4. The Product Lookup window no longer stays on top of the main QuoteWerks window.

 5. When entering the primary license key you will now be reminded what the default login id and password are.

 6. For QuickBooks users, loading the QuickBooks Integration setup in QuoteWerks is much faster.

 7. For ConnectWise users, when attempting to create / update an opportunity a warning messaging would be displayed, and the process would be cancelled if a line item had a manufacture part number that ended in a space. ConnectWise has since resolved the underlying issue that this warning was handling and we've now removed this behavior.

 8. When exporting to XML files using the Open Export Module the encoding is now being set to "ISO-8859-15".

Fixes - Build 2
 1. On the Purchasing window the selected total was totaling the Unit Cost not the Extended Cost.

 2. For ConnectWise users, would receive error 'Runtime error 13 - Type Mismatch' when attempting to create/update an opportunity in ConnectWise for a quote with a grouped bundle were none of the line items in the group were taxable.

 3. For ConnectWise users, when closing an opportunity as won via the QuoteWerks-ConnectWise Integration the following underlying fields were being populated incorrectly: ExpectedCloseDate, DateClosed and ClosedBy.

 4. For ConnectWise users, when attempting to create a product in the ConnectWise Product Database via the QuoteWerks-ConnectWise integration the process could fail due to a case-sensitivity issue concerning the Manufacturer field.

 5. The (qty x) prefix was still being displayed in a grouped bundle item line even though the Hide Quantity attribute was set.

 6. When adding an accessory line item to the quote from Etilize Accessories, the Description sometimes would not be set in the line item.

 7. Sometimes the QuoteValet URL merged into the notification e-mail would be corrupted through the emailing sending process.

 8. When using macros in e-mails, in certain combinations of certain macros and the location of the macro in the e-mail, the macro would not be merged.

 9. If a document required two approvers, after one approver had approved the document, the second approval would not take effect unless it was done through quotevalet.com.

 10. For QuoteValet users, if a quote that was uploaded to QuoteValet was approved through quotevalet.com and then the sales rep unlocked the document to make changes, the approval was not getting rescinded, and therefore after they made the changes, they were not able to get it approved again because it was already approved.

 11. For QuickBooks users, when exporting Purchase Orders to QuickBooks for a Service type line item, would receive an error that Service type parts cannot have a manufacturer part number.

 12. When opening a document that another user already has open, it is opened in Read-Only mode. You were able to do a 'Save As Next Revision' when you should not have been able to do so with a read-only document.

 13. When sending an email and selecting a FROM email address from the QuoteWerks E-Mail address book and double-clicking on the email address to choose it (vs clicking on select button) error would occur.

 14. When setting the Deposit Required option to "Percent of a line item in the document" and choosing a filter field that had been renamed (like a CustomText01 field) you would receive an error saying that the field could not be found.

 15. For QuoteValet users, when renaming a QuoteValet template and cancelling would still receive a message saying the Template was renamed.

 16. When the QuoteValet Dashboard first loaded, it defaults the date range to "Today", but not results would be displayed until you changed a filter item.

 17. When converting a quote to an order and choosing the option "Remove Non-Selected Optional Items", if a group was set as optional, the group header would be removed, but not all the line items in the group.

 18. For QuickBooks users, the option for Job Name (Estimates only) of "Auto-generate using Document Name" was using the Document Number.

 19. For QuickBooks users, when mapping the Estimate/Order/Invoice/PO header custom fields, the list of QuoteWerks fields to choose from were the Document Items fields, not the Document Header fields.