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Version 4.6 Build 06.04 Summary
12 New, 10 Fixes, and 4 Miscellaneous features Released on 09/08/2011
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New Features - Build 6
 1. QuoteValet templates can now be customized! Select the Tools->Options menu, then QuoteValet tab, then the [Setup] button. On the Templates tab you can customize the templates. QuoteValet templates contain advanced HTML and CSS coding. Modifying these requires the person modifying them to have advanced web design skills. Once these templates are customized, you will be responsible for maintaining them from that point forward. This includes updates and fixes, as updates nor fixes can be automatically applied to customized unique open source HTML code. That being said, simple cosmetic changes like changing colors, pictures, and static text should not require any changes when updates are applied. Also, you can always easily revert the template HTML back to a standardized default at any time.

 2. ACT! 2012 is now supported!

 3. ConnectWise 2011.3 is now supported!

 4. ACT! for Web 2011 and ACT! for Web 2012 is now supported!

 5. Real-time Pricing and Availability is now available for the Supplies Network ( www.suppliesnetwork.com ).

 6. There is now a QuoteValet tab in the Quote WorkBook. This now contains all the QuoteValet document details that used to be located on the "This Document" tab of the QuoteValet dashboard.

 7. For QuoteValet users, When an Approval is removed from the Quote within QuoteWerks, the Approval is now also removed from QuoteValet.

 8. For QuoteValet users, when a Quote is approved using the File->Approve Quote menu, QuoteValet is now updated with the Approval.

 9. The QuoteValet Dashboard window accessed from the QuoteWerks Toolbar can now be left open enabling you to fully interact with QuoteWerks at the same time. From the QuoteValet Dashboard, you can view activity and open quotes without having to close the dashboard to interact with the quotes.

 10. Microsoft Word merging now supports CustomText01-CustomText14 Sections. This is similar to the ItemType Sections already supported in the Word Merging Feature. This enables you to separate out products using different classifications on your Microsoft Word based Quote or Proposal. For instance, if you use CustomText01 to hold the values of either Onsite or Remote assistance, you could have all Onsite assistance labor items on page 5 of a Word document by encasing it in "<<Begin.CustomText01.Onsite >>" and ending it with "<<End.CustomText01.Onsite >>". The Description field for each line could be printed in between these tags with "<<CustomText01.Onsite.&DI_Description>>". You could do the same for Remote by replacing Onsite in the macros.

 11. Added DataLink support for DocumentHeader fields CustomText21, CustomText22,CustomText23, and CustomText24.

 12. When exporting a native product data source from the Products->Setup Product Data Sources menu, a new "FolderListPaths" column has been added. It reads the folder ids in the FolderList field and writes out the full folder paths in this column for each folder the item is linked to.

Misc Features - Build 6
 1. For GoldMine users, added new ini key "GoldMineMaxSearchResultSecondaryRecords" under the "Contact Managers" section in the site.ini file. This enables you to increase the default limit of displaying only the first 50 GoldMine secondary contacts.

 2. When setting up a new Remote PC and synchronizing for the first time, you need to choose the Overwrite option for the first sync otherwise you will end up with duplicate Email template records. While this is still required, less records willl be duplicated.

 3. When opening a quote and a QuoteValet customer quote acceptance is detected, it will no longer use a QuoteValet license.

 4. Added site.ini setting of [System] SkipIsWebConnectedCheck=-1

Fixes - Build 6
 1. When quote approved through QuoteValet website, when it is opened in QuoteWerks and an approval is detected, approval is applied and the quote is locked if all approval requirements have been met.

 2. In the re-design of the Shipping Amount calculation screen the Based on Weight option was inadvertently changed to a percent calculation.

 3. The macro &APP_&LoggedInUserPhoneWithExtA" would incorrectly display the phone number as the extension.

 4. Issue with Approval Requirements not working correctly introduced in 4.6 Build 6.0

 5. For ConnectWise users, when creating line item detail, if not existing products where found, an error would incorrectly be displayed about a error 0 problem with the manufacturer part number.

 6. In the QuickBooks and Peachtree batch export window, the totals amount was incorrectly always expressed in USD, rather than the approval local currency.

 7. On the Open Document window, when the search results grid is shown, the salesperson field is covered.

 8. When using an ItemType specific Word Merge with Grouped Items, the Extended Fields would not reflect the quantity multiplier of the Group Header Line. This would also affect the Totals.&DI_ExtendedPrice macro.

 9. If a document was initially locked when you opened it, unchecking the locked checkbox would not unlock the document. [Service Release: 6.04]

 10. When QuoteWerks was already running and you double-clicked on a DTF file located in a location containing spaces in the folder name, the file would not open. [Service Release: 6.04]