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Version 4.5 Build 09.06 Summary
5 New, 13 Fixes, and 7 Miscellaneous features Released on 07/23/2010
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New Features - Build 9
 1. ConnectWise 2010.3 is now supported!

 2. You can now synchronize master and remote installations that are not running the exact same build number as long as they are compatible builds.

 3. In the QuoteWerks installer, you can now browse for UNC paths and in network neighborhood. Also, you no longer have to double click on a folder to select it.

 4. For ConnectWise users, when creating product definitions in ConnectWise, there is now a mapping for the ConnectWise Product Class.

 5. When sending sales opportunity information over to ConnectWise, ACT!, ACT! For Web, Outlook, MS CRM, and SugarCRM, when grouped bundles are configured to be created in the CRM as a single roll-up line (as opposed to individual line items) now if 50% or more of the items that compose the grouped bundle are taxable than the single roll-up will be also created as taxable in the CRM.

Misc Features - Build 9
 1. Documents now have a globally unique ID (GUID) field 'RecGUID' in the DocumentHeaders table.

 2. Added "Created by Version for DTF file details under Import Documents menu. Also added in the Document Backup Manager (Utilities->Document Backup Manager).

 3. If a demo installation exports a DTF file with the "Allow file to be opened by installations using a different serial #" option, a different demo installation can now open that DTF file.

 4. For ACT 2010 running on 64-bit windows, now looking in Software\Wow6432Node registry key for ACT! registry settings.

 5. Added "Windows 64-bit" information property under the system tab of Help->About menu.

 6. For ConnectWise users, on the Create/Update Opportunity window, the "attach files" option has been moved onto it's own tab to reduce the overall size of the window.

 7. osmaxFix.bat file included to assist with lack of backwards compatibility for file osmax.ocx Outlook Security manager.

Fixes - Build 9
 1. For ConnectWise 2010.3 users, when QuoteWerks added products to the Products tab of the Opportunity, the description would be truncated to 50 characters.

 2. For ConnectWise users, mapping issue with QuoteWerks Unit of Measure to ConnectWise Unit of Measure.

 3. When upgrading from a previous version to version 4.5 build 2 would receive an error about the VendorSourcing field already existing.

 4. For SalesLogix users, when saving as next revision, a document attachment would be created for the revision even if the original document was not created as a document attachment in SalesLogix.

 5. When changing the group header line tax code, if no discount price modifier was set and an invalid tax code was entered, it would be accepted after an error message stating that it was invalid.

 6. In some folder selection dialogs, if a valid full path and file name where entered, it would incorrectly be accepted as a valid folder, when in fact the data entered included a file name.

 7. When importing DTF files would receive error about the TransactionLog appearing more than once in the query. [Service Release: 9.06]

 8. On the Print window, when emailing a quote with the "Make PDF Read-only" option turned on and including a PDF literature or spec sheet with the option to "Merge PDF files" also turned on, would receive error message that the files could not be merged because one of the files was encrypted. [Service Release: 9.06]

 9. For SalesLogix users, if a sales opportunity had more than 9 stages, QuoteWerks would incorrectly display stage 10 immediately after stage 1. [Service Release: 9.06]

 10. For SalesLogix users, if a SalesLogix Opportunity Step was flagged as not required, QuoteWerks would still require it to be completed before allowing you to complete a subsequent step. [Service Release: 9.06]

 11. For SalesLogix users, the Sales Stage was not being written in the required format like "2-Needs Analysis" for the SalesLogix Opportunity list view. It was being written as "Needs Analysis". [Service Release: 9.06]

 12. For SalesLogix users, when creating a new opportunity and then immediately viewing the opportunity in SalesLogix, would receive an error in SalesLogix. [Service Release: 9.06]

 13. For SugarCRM users, if the 'amount' field in the opportunity table in the SugarCRM database was configured as nullable and an opportunity was added to the table in such a way that the amount field was not populated, a runtime error would occur when attempting to bring up the opportunity window during the saving of a Quote and as a result QuoteWerks would close unexpectedly. [Service Release: 9.06]

Misc Features - Build 8
 1. Internal Build. This build was not released to the public and is not available for download.