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Version 4.5 Build 05.01 Summary
7 New, 11 Fixes, and 2 Miscellaneous features Released on 04/23/2010
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New Features - Build 5
 1. For ConnectWise users, there is now a new [Unlink] button on the Create/Update Opportunity window. This is useful when accidentally attaching a quote to the wrong opportunity in ConnectWise. With this feature all entries relating to the QuoteWerks Quote will be removed from the ConnectWise opportunity including: Forecast lines, products listed under the Products Tab, services listed under the Services Tab, the document attachment under the Documents Tab, and the Call activity under the Activities Tab.

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 2. For ConnectWise users, when selecting a contact to use in the quote, if the contact has multiple sites associated with it, you will be able to choose the particular site you would want to use. Sites can be designated as Primary, Default Ship, Default Bill, and Default Mail. These designations are indicated in your selection list. Additionally, when selecting a Ship To contact for the quote, the Default Ship site will be the default selection.

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 3. Multiple PDF files can now be merged into a single PDF file. When creating a quote that included PDF literature files and/or PDF spec sheet files, and then emailing the quote, all these PDF files would be attached individually. Now with the new 'Merge PDF files' option, all these PDF files will be automatically merged into a single PDF file with the main quote itself resulting in only one PDF file attachment when emailing quotes. This user based option can be set under the Misc tab of the Tools->My Preferences menu.

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 4. On the Links tab you can now select Multiple PDF files that are linked and right click to choose the Merge PDF files menu. This will combine the selected PDF files into a single PDF file and will create a file link to the combined single PDF file on the Links tab.

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 5. On the Print Preview window, when saving the preview as a PDF file, any PDF file attachments will be merged into the resulting PDF file as long as the user option of 'Merge PDF files' is set.

 6. The Recurring Revenue aspects of a product definition can now be imported through the Import Wizard with the macro fields &RecurringData.BillingCycle, &RecurringData.CycleBasis, and &RecurringData.FirstPaymentIncluded.

 7. When using the Price Comparison window to change the vendor for an item, if the item cost in the quote is calculated using a CostModifier like D40, you will now be asked if you want to keep the cost modifier or overwrite the cost with the fixed cost from the comparison window thereby clearing the cost modifier.

Misc Features - Build 5
 1. For ConnectWise users, the drop down list of existing ConnectWise opportunities on the Create/Update Opportunity window is now sorted alphabetically.

 2. When emailing Sales Order or Purchase Order documents, the TO email address will no longer default to the SoldToEmail address.

Fixes - Build 5
 1. For ConnectWise users, if funky characters like >%<& were used in ConnectWise login credentials, the login would fail.

 2. In some cases the ConnectWise Partner API would return the same opportunity more than once when requesting a list of all opportunities for a particular ConnectWise company.

 3. If trying to create more than one ConnectWise product data source QuoteWerks will now warn you.

 4. The QuoteWerks contact database fields of CompanyAKA1, CompanyAKA2, and CompanyAKA3 fields were not available in the Import Contact Wizard.

 5. The QuoteWerks contact database fields of CompanyAKA1, CompanyAKA2, and CompanyAKA3 were not available in the DataLink.

 6. Error 'The field name 'ContractStartDate' is not in the Document Header lookup array' when using that field in the print layout designer. Similar issue with 'ContractEndDate'. These two fields were not available as literature or cover page macros. Also these two fields could not be set or retrieved using the API.

 7. The fields &DH_&RecurringRevenueWeeklySubtotal, &DH_&RecurringRevenueMonthlySubtotal, &DH_&RecurringRevenueQuarterlySubtotal, and &DH_&RecurringRevenueAnnualSubtotal were not available in cover pages, literature, and spec sheets.

 8. The values for the fields &DH_&RecurringRevenueWeeklySubtotal, &DH_&RecurringRevenueMonthlySubtotal, &DH_&RecurringRevenueQuarterlySubtotal, and &DH_&RecurringRevenueAnnualSubtotal did not reflect the grouped bundle quantity extension when recurring revenue items were inside a grouped bundle. These fields are used in layouts and cover pages

 9. If the default contact manager was set to ConnectWise, the second description field on the product Lookup window would be disabled.

 10. For QuickBooks and Peachtree users, when exporting documents to QuickBooks and Peachtree respectively, items that were flagged as Recurring should only be sent over if the IncludeFirstPaymentInDocumentTotal option was set for the line. They were being sent over irregardless of this option. Similar issue with the Open Export module.

 11. For ACT! 2010 users, when creating an opportunity and choosing to rollup the quote items into a single rolled up amount in the ACT! Sales Opportunity, the Unit Amounts were not being extended by the quantity. [Service Release: 5.01]