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Version 4.0 Build 49 Summary
28 New, 15 Fixes, and 11 Miscellaneous features Released on 08/27/2009
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New Features - Build 49
 1. ACT! 2010 is now supported!

 2. For ACT! 2005 and higher users, under the Contacts|Setup Contact Manager menu, there are now options to write line item level product detail into ACT! opportunities.

 3. There is now a QuoteWerks ACT! Integration Medic utility. It is located in the "C:\Program Files\Common Files\QuoteWerks" folder and is accessible directly, or through the QuoteWerks Medic Utility under the Utilities|QuoteWerks ACT! Medic Utility menu. This is very useful in debugging complicated ACT! integration issues, including detecting and repairing ACT! framework registration issues due to failed ACT! updates, and blocked (by anti-virus or firewall) tcp ports which interfere with .NET component communication.

 4. Real-time Pricing and Availability is now available for Canadian IT distributor Supercom ( www.supercom.ca ).

 5. Real-time Pricing and Availability is now available for IT distributor Printer Essentials ( www.printeressentials.com ).

 6. On the Documents tab of the Tools|Options menu, you can set the default literature to use when creating a new Quote, new Order, and/or new Invoice. On this "Select Default Literature..." window, you can also specify if this default literature will be applied by default when converting, for example, a Quote to an Order using the "Apply this literature to documents that are converted to an Order/Invoice" checkbox. When specify which literature documents to use as a default, you can specify individual literature documents, or you can specify to select all the literature contained within a particular literature folder. When adding new literature later, any files added into the specified literature folder will automatically be included in the default literature, whereas if you choose specific literature documents, the newly added literature would need to be specifically added to the default literature selections.

 7. On the Literature tab of the Print window, there is now a [Apply default literature for Quote/Order/Invoice] button. This can be used to apply the default literature selections by adding them to the existing literature selections. If you wish you replace the existing literature selections, click on the [Deselect All] button before applying the default literature.

 8. When converting, for example, a Quote to an Order, on the Convert Document window, there is now an option to "Apply default literature for new Order/Invoice" which will add the default Order/Invoice literature to the existing selections currently associated with the Quote.

 9. Added Misc Access Right CannotMaintainLiterature which prevents user from inserting a file, renaming or creating a new folder on the Literature tab of the File|Print window.

 10. Added Misc Access Right CannotModifyLiteratureSelections. When this right is set, the user cannot change literature selections on the Literature tab of the File|Print window, specifically they cannot manually select literature, or use the [Select All] or De-Select All] buttons, or use the [Apply Default literature] button. Additionally, they cannot change the selection for "Apply default literature for new Order/Invoice" on the Convert Document window.

 11. For Canadian users, added support for a document level GST Tax rate. This is important now that the Canadian government has started changing the GST tax rate. Before installing this update we recommend that you do a Utilities|Merge Remote Documents, then install the update, then using the medic utility, you will need to run a SQL command to update all documents prior to the date that you changed the GST Tax Rate in QuoteWerks with the older GST Tax Rate. For MS Access backend database the SQL command would look similar to: "UPDATE DocumentHeaders SET GSTTaxRate=0.05 WHERE LastModified < #01/01/2008#", and for a MSSQL backend the SQL command would like similiar to "UPDATE DocumentHeaders SET GSTTaxRate=0.05 WHERE LastModified < '01/01/2008'". After you run the SQL update query, run the Utilities|Rebuild CM Transport files to update all the DTF files with the new field and data.

 12. For Canadian users, the GSTTaxRate field is now available as a DataLink field.

 13. Innovative Context-Sensitive Tutorial Video links are now displayed on various QuoteWerks windows as a hyperlink labeled "Watch Tutorial Video". These links make it easy to play the appropriate tutorial video based on the window you currently have open, without having to manually go to the website, determine if a video on this topic exists, and then manually play it. The Context-Sensitive Tutorial Video links obtain their content from the Tutorial Videos page on the QuoteWerks website ( http://www.quotewerks.com/tutorial.asp ). The "Watch Tutorial Video" hyperlink is now available on the Tools|Export To QuickBooks window, the QuickBooks Interactive Link Setup window, Tools|Export To Peachtree window, the Peachtree Interactive Link Setup window, the Realtime tab of the Tools|Options menu, the Products|Setup Products Data Sources menu, the Products|Import Wizard menu, and then Utilities|Sync menu.

 14. There is now a new format option "Bottom Align" for Report Footers in a print layouts and report layouts. This is used to force the section down to the bottom of the page (after the last detail section) even if the detail ends in the middle of the page.

 15. On the Installation tab of the Tools|Options menu, added the options "Allocate inventory for Orders" and "Allocate inventory for Invoices". This are used to set the default values for their counterparts on the Convert Document window.

 16. Added Misc Access Right CannotModifyInventoryAllocation which prevents the user from changing the "Allocate inventory for Orders/Invoices" checkbox on the Convert Document window. Restricting the user with this right, and setting the default for this option effectively sets this value, and then prevents the user from changing it.

 17. Added support for default values for "GST Tax Exempt" and "No PST on Shipping" on the Regional tab of the Tools|Options menu.

 18. Added Select All and Deselect All buttons on the Literature tab of the Print window.

 19. On the File | Insert Document window, the last selected ascending/descending order is now memorized (per user) for each column, so the next time you search by that field, your sort order will be remembered.

 20. On the QuoteWerks Contact Lookup window, the last selected ascending/descending order is now memorized (per user) for each column, so the next time you search by that field, your sort order will be remembered.

 21. Added "Disassociate copied item(s) with this folder" menu item to the Product Lookup Window's folder menu. With this you can remove the association of one or more products with the folder simultaneously.

 22. Added Help|QuoteWerks on the Web|Remote Assistance menu. This will open your web browser and take you directly to a support page where you can enter the remote assistance meeting id (provided to you by QuoteWerks technical support) to initiate a remote assistance session.

 23. Added support for DocumentHeaders.&AlternateCurrencyIdentifier macro field in report layouts.

 24. When importing into the KeywordList field while importing into a product database, required leading and trailing spaces are automatically added to the data value being imported.

 25. The total count of Real-time Module Licenses is now displayed in the License Manager window.

 26. For Emails sent using the Built-in SMTP email, the pdf or rtf file for the quote/order/invoice that is attached in the email will now be saved in the QuoteWerks\History\Email folder. Previously this only happened if you used GoldMine as your CRM or if you sent emails through Outlook from within QuoteWerks. The file name will have a postfix added to it to ensure unique file names. Only the quote document file itself is saved here. Copies of literature or spec sheet documents will not be saved here.

 27. If a document is already open and you try to open it again from the Most Recently Used (MRU) on the File menu, you will hear a beep, and it will now be brought to focus. Previously you would receive a message asking you to find it in the Window list.

 28. On the Literature and Spec Sheets tab of the File | Print window there is now a selection count display.

Misc Features - Build 49
 1. For SalesLogix laptop users that have a root drive other than the C drive, the Application Data Path is now retrieved from the Windows registry.

 2. Added additional 4 letter location prefix to the do-not-use list of remote user location prefixes.

 3. When select ACT! 2005 or higher as your preferred contact manager under the Contacts|Setup Contact Manager menu, if the required ACT! Integration files are not detected, you will now be prompted to re-run the QuoteWerks node installation to correct this issue.

 4. Updated Ingram Micro real-time P&A requests to include QuoteWerks specific "SenderID".

 5. Added new Debug Command for displaying the internal Squawk Log.

 6. Custom Literature path is now validated when starting QuoteWerks.

 7. Modified ReduceItemInventoryCount() to support fractional reduction.

 8. The file Security.dbt is now always installed whether an installation has been rehosted to SQL or not. This is an empty Security.mdb database with the current security database schema.

 9. Added new [Create Security.mdb for Remote PC or Site] button under the Utilities | License Manager. This is useful for populating an Access Security.mdb file with the current security data from a SQL hosted QuoteWerks backend. This is needed in situations where the Master installation has been rehosted to SQL, but the Remote PC (or Remote Site) installations may not have been re-hosted having opted to stay with the MS Access Backend.

 10. The CRM AccountNo label displayed under the Email address of the Sold To, Ship To, and Bill To fields now has a tooltip explaining what this information is.

 11. For Maximizer users, changed the DataLink field name of "Mr/Mrs" (listed in the list of available fields) to "Mr_Ms" since "Mr/Mrs" no longer works in Maximizer 9.5 or higher.

Fixes - Build 49
 1. From the Print Preview window, when saving the preview as a file other than a PDF file, if the file was already open, would receive error "Error opening the output file(MultiMetaToRtf A)".

 2. On the QuicKBooks subtab of the Transaction tab under the QuickBooks Interactive Link Setup, when setting the Memo to a blank value, it would revert back to the default value of "Imported from QuoteWerks Doc# &DH_DocNo (on &SYS_Now)" the next time QuoteWerks started.

 3. When double-clicking on the Description, CustomMemo01, or CustomMemo02 cell to edit the contents in the Zoom window, after clicking on OK, the cell would remain in an uncommitted editing mode until the cell was tabbed away from.

 4. Would receive error "Runtime error 9: Subscript Out of Range" when mapping more the 99 fields in the Product Import Wizard, and then saving the import settings as a template.

 5. When inserting DocumentHeader fields into a print layout the unused field "Region" appeared in the list.

 6. On the Product Lookup Window, when selecting a folder, and then editing a product listed in that folder, and then removing the product (on the Advanced tab) from the selected folder, then after clicking on the OK button, the product would still appear in the folder until you re-selected the folder.

 7. For ACT! 2005 and higher users, updated integration DLLS to detect when "::1:" being returned as localhost instead of "". Prior to this fix, would receive error "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it ::1:31535".

 8. For ACT! 2005 and higher users, would receive "Run-time error '-2146233088 (80131500)': User is not logged in" and QuoteWerks would exit when ACT! was running, but no user was logged into ACT. Usually in ACT!, the ACT! User Login window was open.

 9. For ACT! 2005 and higher users, if any additional attachments were added to a QuoteWerks email the history record that would be created in ACT! for that email would not contain the rtf/pdf attachment of the QuoteWerks document itself.

 10. The last selected search field and operator on the QuoteWerks Contact Database Contact Lookup window was only being remembered if the [Find] button was selected. They will now also be remembered when the query-while-you-type auto search is run.

 11. The ability to set associated groups for an opportunity is now re-enabled for ACT! versions 2005 and higher. (See KB article #6484 for details).

 12. For ACT! 2005 and higher users, if sending an email from the Preview window, the email would be logged in ACT! history, but the email attachment file (the PDF or RTF file) would be deleted. Normally it is stored in the \QuoteWerks\History\Email folder.

 13. When using the Paste Special Wizard to paste in data from the Windows Clipboard, if the clipboard data is HTML text, then text like "&Test&" would incorrectly be pasted as "&Test&".

 14. When a user without Master Rights created a new document using the File|New menu and selecting a template, none of the fields on the document would be editable.

 15. On the Select Email Address window, the [Select] button would allow the user to continue even if no Email Address was selected.

Misc Features - Build 48
 1. Internal Build. This build was not released to the public and is not available for download.