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Version 3.0 Build 38 Summary
1 New, 16 Fixes, and 2 Miscellaneous features Released on 10/12/2004
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New Features - Build 38
 1. Certified for use with Maximizer 8.0.

Misc Features - Build 38
 1. QuickBooks api does not support the (R) or (C) characters (and generates error when they are encountered). QuoteWerks now finds these characters and replaces them with the (R) and (C) representations.

 2. New salesforce.com session expiration error code 1112 detected so that QuoteWerks can auto re-login.

Fixes - Build 38
 1. Bug in Windows XP SP2 causes the print preview window to appear empty until you use the scrollbar.

 2. When error "521 Can't open clipboard" displayed, QuoteWerks would terminate.

 3. Error when in a date box and trying to display the date selection window.

 4. When importing tab or pipe delimited product file. Overflow error or problem when data had a quote symbol in it, but the field data was not encapsulated in double quotes.

 5. When previewing a report for the second time in a row, and canceling the input of a dialog field, error occurred.

 6. The medic feature in the Medic Utility that listed the logged in users would not display the logged in user's name.

 7. The product import status bar was not progressing.

 8. Error "Error in GetImportFieldDefDataSource, iTextColElementIndex greater than number of fields detected" when importing. This occurred if any empty records were being imported. This notice was removed.

 9. If a QuoteWerks formatted xml import file contained extra lf and/or cr characters outside of the xml tags, would receive error "Property Let Procedure not defined and property get procedure did not return an object"

 10. If refreshing an item in the quote that has a price modifier that is based on cost, and the option "Keep the same price, recalculate the markup/margin" on the Adjust Price dialog is selected, a "division by zero" error would occur.

 11. Bug in QuickBooks 2002/2003/2004 causes "error parsing xml text stream" when the data contained a chr(146) italicized apostrophe character. QuoteWerks now replaces this character with a regular apostrophe to avoid this issue.

 12. For salesforce.com users that have configured their Windows regional settings to use a comma as the decimal separator would receive a type mismatch error.

 13. When doing a search for customer based price history for an item, if the contact manager account number or company name contained an apostrophe, an error would occur.

 14. On the File|Open window if you selected to sort the list by GrandTotal, MergeCode, or TemplateType an error would occur.

 15. When linking to a password protected native product database, after supplying the requested password, QuoteWerks would display a "not a valid password" error and terminate. When you restarted QuoteWerks, the database would be linked and everything would function correctly after that.

 16. For salesforce.com users, when renaming a document or manually changing the document number, this change would not be reflected in the salesforce.com quote attachment.