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Version 3.0 Build 31 Summary
2 New, 1 Fixes, and 0 Miscellaneous features Released on 06/11/2003
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New Features - Build 31
 1. For salesforce.com users, the Merge Remote Documents utility (under the Utilities menu) there is now an option for QuoteWerks to download all the dtf file attachments that have been uploaded into salesforce.com to the local QuoteWerks\DTF folder where they can then be merged into the QuoteWerks database. This is particularly useful for a sales manager that wants to get all the quote data into one QuoteWerks database to run consolidated reports.

 2. Updated real-time data link to accomodate the changes that Tech Data made to their real-time data access specifications. The old specifications will cease to function on Sunday, June 15th, at which time the QuoteWerks Tech Data Real-time pricing and availability link will no longer work until this update is installed.

Fixes - Build 31
 1. When running the Merge Remote Documents utility (under the Utilities menu), if a dtf file was suppossed to be added to the database, and there was a problem like an unauthorized serial number, the document would not be added to the database, and this would be reflected in the synclog.txt file, however, on the screen log, it would indicate that the document had been added to the database.